Nord stream-2 found a new bypass route

The project company Nord Stream AG 2 filed the application and the EIA report (assessment of environmental impact) the alternative route in Denmark in the exclusive economic zone to the North-West of Bornholm.

Северному потоку-2 нашли новый обходной маршрут

This is stated in the message of the company.

“It’s an alternative route that does not pass through territorial waters of Denmark. Nord Stream 2 is not stops on request c as the preferred route, which was initiated in April 2017 and is based on the recommendations received from the authorities of Denmark during the successful planning and construction of the existing Nord stream gas pipeline,” — said the company.

Nord Stream 2 also complement that on the basis of research results, engineering and environmental evaluations conducted in recent months have been identified the alternative a route of 175 km North-West of Bornholm, which crosses only economic zone of Denmark

“This application will not replace filed in April of 2017 application. Nord Stream 2 believes that the first application provides the optimal pipeline route in Danish waters, which remains the preferred. Today Nord Stream 2 received national permits in all other jurisdictions, through which passes the gas pipeline from Russia to Germany,” the company wrote.

Nord stream-2 – Russian gas pipeline, which is building the Nord Stream AG 2. The only shareholder of the latter is Gazprom. The length of the pipeline will be 1.2 thousand km, and the total capacity of the existing Nord stream – 55 billion cubic meters of gas.

Nord stream-2 will run along the gas pipeline Nord stream under the Baltic sea to the German city of Greifswald to minimize pumping gas through Ukraine.

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