“Nobody knows who she is”: a deadly game “Momo” can appear in Ukraine

Because of this game, the teenagers can commit suicide

«Никто не знает, кто она такая»: смертельная игра «Момо» может появиться в Украине

30 June 2018, the global network has spread the new danger to Teens “Momo”, which can lead even to suicide, affecting people with weak mentality. There is information that she may soon go to Ukraine, as has already started to gain momentum in the neighboring country – Russia. About how this works, Department of postal and telecommunications told the “Facts”.

“In fact, it is too early to talk about whether or not Momo is a suicidal game, as it is not yet proven that the incidence of suicides in the world was directly connected with her. To us, this game is still not reached. But since she already have neighbours, in Ukraine, too, can appear”, — told the police.

Also, Department staff suggested that, most likely, with teenagers talking people, and a special bot program: “Dialogue in it is programmed. However, likely a function of active vocabulary. The objective of the Momo bot — to get you to call him. Usually you just drop and immediately call back. While shows audio with eerie sounds, the program steals information from your smartphone. A teenager, seeing your photos, videos, information about the address, age, not just may realize that all that he had in his smartphone and social networks, which are linked to the room. If the child among these data there is something that he would like to hide from everyone, it can be blackmail. Quite possibly, even bring to some desperate actions such as suicide attempt”.

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Video blogger Anna porter, as told in the publication, a few days ago posted a video with his conversation with Momo.

“Nobody knows who she is. Or is it? Adolescents in our country is now a real boom. Many people like scary stories and want to test yourself, to tickle your nerves…at First everything goes really as entertainment. But when you come in contact with her, you begin to realize that, probably shouldn’t have done that,” said the girl.


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