No more coming home all Sherbrooke at 107.7

emission-retour-maison-1077-estrie(Sherbrooke) Estrie 107.7 regulars will disappear regional broadcast of their return home.

Starting this fall, the issue of the return home of Paul Houde, at 98.5, become network and will be broadcast throughout Quebec. This mailing will replace Estrie and now another issue 15h in Mauricie. The Outaouais (104.7 FM) will end sooner.

The leader now head of the show back home in Sherbrooke, Mark Bryson, would reduce its task. According to sources it would become part-time at 107.7. Estrie however, does not lose its current component in late afternoon, the regional news will be added to the broadcast program of Paul Houde to serve the interest of listeners outside the metropolis.

In addition to the cancellation of the show back at home, several cuts were announced to the station spoken Cogeco media Friday. Two positions of journalists, those Jessyka Dumulong and Bob Peloquin, and a job promotion were abolished. The job cuts are final, “it comes to cuts to ensure the station’s viability,” said Jocelyn Proulx, director of operations and promotion to explain the decision taken by the radio station. However, Cogeco media have offered a job at Rhythm FM 107.7’s sister station, cultural columnist Bob Peloquin. The other two employees will not be relocated.

Not all bad news

Despite these cuts, the Estrie 107.7 is doing well, even two programs will be extended to the new programming this fall. “Our local programs are very popular and we are pleased to lengthen some,” says Proulx.

The morning show and that of the south will see both their time slot lie. The station will add 30 minutes to the show What Estrie ups! Which will be broadcast from 5 am 30-9: 30 pm weekday morning. Fans of lunchtime news of Martin Pelletier will be delighted to learn that the issue will, in turn, extended by one hour and will finish at 15 pm Monday to Friday.

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