No compensation for a son of Moses Theriault

roch-sylvain-theriault-fils-gourouNose fractured witness orgy scenes and emotionally abused: a bloodthirsty son of Guru Moses Theriault has denied a government compensation for abuse suffered as a child.

Roch-Sylvain Thériault went about it too late to file a request, decided the Administrative Tribunal of Quebec (ATQ), while recognizing, however, the severity of the trauma.

The man claimed to have lived about three and a half years in his father’s sect. The latter was subsequently found guilty of killing a loyal and have cut another of his arm, cold.

Within the sect, “the children were often victims of sexual abuse by adults,” recounted Roch-Sylvain Theriault’s request for compensation, according to the ATQ. “He witnessed violence every week. According to him, there was a lot of alcohol was consumed. “He himself had had his nose broken in” at least “twice, in addition to having received” blows board “and belt.

In 1987, he left the sect “skinned at all levels and” very traumatized “,” write the administrative judges in their decision dating from the end of May. From that time, he lived several years of deep difficulties, especially in terms of mental health.


In 2009, his brother and make him look a book about their experiences. While writing the book, Roch-Sylvain Thériault reads the testimony of Patrick Gosselin, son of the Executioner Beaumont. “In reading this work, the applicant learned that he could make a claim to the VCI [Compensation for victims of crime],” wrote the TAQ. “Clearly, he testified he did not know before the existence of the VCI. ”

He sent in 2009 its request to the IVAC program, over 20 years after the fact.

However, a victim of crime must file a claim to the government “within one year” after the facts or the awareness of the harm and its likely cause. Officials therefore refuse his request. Refusal he contests before ATQ.

Mr. Thériault called one psychiatrist who asserted that he “did not have the ability to tell his story, so to file its 2008-2009 before benefit application without suffering psychological decompensation.” Instead, the administration of the VCI has retained the expertise of another doctor who considered that their problems do not have “prevented from submitting a claim in 1990”.

This last opinion was chosen by the TAQ, “although aware of the real difficulties and damage suffered by the applicant.”

“Between psychotic and consumption periods, the applicant was able to write a book and would have been quite able to learn about the possibilities to receive compensation,” wrote the administrative judges Michel Rivard and Solange Tardy.

Reached by telephone, Mr. Theriault would not grant an interview to the press, but merely stated that he was not saddened by this setback. His lawyer has not called La Presse.

Moses Thériault died in prison in 2011, murdered by a fellow inmate.

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