Ninth homicide of the year in Ottawa

fusillade-survenue-peu-avant-4The ninth homicide of the year in Ottawa erupted in the night from Saturday to Sunday in the Lower Town, while a young man was shot dead.

The shooting occurred shortly before 4 pm on St. Andrew Street. Paramedics tried to resuscitate on Tarique Léger, unsuccessful. The death of 19 year-old Montrealer was found in the hospital.

The Major Crimes Unit of the Ottawa Police Service began the investigation.

Return to calm

The area was fairly quiet Sunday morning. A handful of curious stopped a moment to look at the police bustle around the security setting that had been erected on the street, between the entrance doors of a cluster of homes. “I was a little surprised to learn what happened, says Martin Béliveau, who lives in the neighborhood for eight years. There is a shelter for the homeless on King Edward. I have no idea if this happened it is connected to, but usually, even if there are homeless, there is no violence. ”

Isolated event

Whether this event the concerned resident Bruyère Street, homicide “does not reassure me, but I feel that this is something unique, not regular. For sure it is not reassuring to know that it is also close to you. ”

A neighbor another, Ghislaine Biron, was awakened by the gunshots from his home, situated on Guigues Street. “I thought it was thunder, so I went back to sleep, she says. These things, it always comes to the market and its surrounding area. That night, it was very close. It’s scary! ”

Ms. Biron shows that the district has established a monitoring program there nearly a decade. But this establishment was as cause many flights and entries offense in cars, not violence as one committed at night.

Ghislaine Biron and her husband, Robert, live in the same residential cooperative for 34 years. “There has been a lot of changes in the Lower Town, but I would not say that the area is less safe, launches it. Even if roaming, they leave us alone. I have always lived in the Lower Town, and I do not relocate. ”

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