Nine rules of communication with a pregnant woman

Девять правил общения с беременной женщиной

As soon as we learn that our friend is pregnant, the first reaction usually is to touch her stomach or make a comment about how she is gaining weight. We don’t think are rude or inappropriate. But a pregnant woman who is now at the peak of hormonal storms, any careless gesture or word can bring out of balance

As the portal the midwife and consultant at pregnancy Zita West, who has helped thousands of women including celebrities such as Kate Winslet, shares tips on how to behave with a pregnant woman.

The etiquette of pregnancy

1. Do not touch the belly of a pregnant woman.

This unceremonious invasion of personal space. Imagine how ridiculous it would be if you began to stroke her belly his colleague-the man. If the expectant mother will want to give you feeling how’s the baby kicking, she will offer you. Or gently ask her about it, but don’t be offended if you refuse.

Девять правил общения с беременной женщиной

2. Don’t ask what name she chose for the baby.

The issue may confound if the woman has not yet chosen a name for their unborn child. Or invented for him an unusual name and is afraid of attacks and jokes of others. Believe me, to hear what you think about the name wolf, she wants the least.

3. Do not react too violently to the news of her pregnancy.

This is especially the case with women who have made a career. As soon as friends find out about their pregnancy, they immediately exclaim: “wow, I never thought that you wanted to be a mother!” Now nothing prevents a woman to be a great professional and a good mom. And if you haven’t seen how she smiles dreamily, looking at other people’s kids, this does not mean that she has no maternal instinct.

4. Don’t tell her that she’s stout.

No matter how it was exciting, it is not necessary to comment on the size and shape of the abdomen of a pregnant woman. Questions about how much weight she has gained, very annoying. The woman in the situation and knows that she gained weight, but hearing about it from others she doesn’t.

5. Don’t tell me she is not recovered.

By the same token, do not ask the woman if she is gaining weight normally. You might think that’s a compliment: “Oh, I can barely see your belly!” And for the pregnant it would be another reason to worry about the growth and development of the baby.

Девять правил общения с беременной женщиной

6. Don’t congratulate her on social media.

It is not necessary to make any public statements and congratulations in social networks. If the woman told you about her pregnancy, this does not mean that she wants to tell the world about it. Leave it to the right of the woman. In the meantime, keep the news secret.

7. Don’t treat her like a patient.

Pregnancy is a special state of the organism, but not a disease. Pregnant women can walk, exercise, work, run a business. Some have unpleasant symptoms, while others suffer pregnancy quite easily. The only one: almost all pregnant women have a high fatigue, so be sure to give the woman in the situation in the metro.

Девять правил общения с беременной женщиной

8. Don’t tell her horror stories about childbirth.

Share your experience of childbirth – what could be nicer. Especially if it’s a story of how you gave birth two days, lost several liters of blood and had to do an emergency caesarean. For a woman, especially if she is pregnant for the first time, listening to these horror stories is extremely harmful. So keep them to yourself.

9. Tell her that everything will be okay.

Pregnant and so are in constant stress. Changes a woman’s body, changing her life, she worried whether to be a good mother to your baby and to cope with everything.

So you don’t need tips, questions and horror stories. Just support her. Tell me that medicine is at a high level, give birth easily and comfortably. And yet – she is a great mom.

Девять правил общения с беременной женщиной