Nina Matvienko for the first time visited the Spa

Нина Матвиенко впервые в жизни побывала в санатории

People’s artist of Ukraine Nina Matvienko told about how spent the summer this year and admitted that for the first time visited the Spa. It is reported online edition of “the Express”.

The story singer started with the fact that she was resting in a sanatorium in the Carpathian region. And immediately added: “to be Honest, for the first time. For all 70 years!”. Later Nina Matvienko flew to Spain, where she invited her goddaughter.

The artist says that he spent in Spain 10 days, and shares his impressions of this holiday: “we went to sunbathe on a wild beach and swam in the Atlantic ocean.” But, according to Nina, the water in the ocean she was not liked: “the truth is the water is not always good: how sailed – so cold, but as the ebb – warm. So we used to go in the pool.”

Told that I bought as Souvenirs: “instead of gifts bought olives and olive oil, this present.” And immediately added, what are the difficulties faced coming back with “Souvenirs” in Ukraine: “I had to take all the Luggage, otherwise we would have missed, and pay another 90 euros.”

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