Nikolay Davidyuk told about the pitfalls of the electoral system in Ukraine: “to change Everything”

Николай Давидюк рассказал о подводных камнях избирательной системы в Украине: "Все менять"

Ukrainian political expert Nikolay Davidyuk recorded a video in which he analyzed the electoral system of Ukraine

Video posted on the page in YouTube.

In his video blog the political scientist Nikolay Davidyuk a deep analysis of the Ukrainian electoral system, compared with systems in other countries and talked about the pros and cons of the systems.

Николай Давидюк рассказал о подводных камнях избирательной системы в Украине: "Все менять"

In particular, Davidyuk said that in Ukraine currently has a mixed electoral system, which consists of majority and proportional.

According to Nicholas Daviduk, the majoritarian system works in many countries, including USA, UK and France. The advantages of this system include awareness of each Deputy about the problems of his district, and the shortcomings – the possibility for the ruling party to “cut” around depending on their interests.

The proportional system works in Spain, Portugal, Austria and other countries. This system allows you to develop the party and their ideology, but contributes to political corruption in the result of the sale places on the list.

Davidyuk comes to the conclusion that for Ukraine it would be useful to adjust the proportional system – to do lists in a Parliament open.

We will remind, Vladimir Zelensky can initiate early elections to the Parliament if MPs do not approve the date of the inauguration

About it in the comment journalists were told by the political scientist Vladimir Fesenko.

However, according to the expert, this scenario is difficult and risky.

“To delay the moment of farewell with the presidential office – a personal desire Poroshenko. And videopetite team Zelensky for early elections is another element of psychological pressure on the deputies,” — says the analyst.

According to him, if MPs do not approve the inauguration on may 19, or other compromise of the date, there will be a confrontation between the newly elected President and the Verkhovna Rada. In a team of Vladimir Zelensky will dominate the position that the current Parliament cannot agree, it is necessary to go to early elections.

We will remind, Mykola Tomenko clarified the situation in the Verkhovna Rada

As reported Politeka, Poroshenko spent on elections four times more Zelensky

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