Nikolay Davidyuk dispelled the major myths about parliamentary immunity: “Pure populism”

Николай Давидюк развеял главные мифы о депутатской неприкосновенности: "Чистый популизм"

MPs not ready to vote for the abolition of parliamentary immunity

About this in his YouTube blog said political expert Nikolay Davidyuk. He said that in order not to make such a decision, the MPs use a variety of excuses. Someone says that to remove the immunity considers the Constitution, and some call it pure populism. However, there are those MPs who just say they do not interfere with anything. However, for some reason such a law is reluctant to accept.

Davidyuk also told about the most common myths concerning the abolition of parliamentary immunity. The first myth says that this will lead to the dictatorship of the President, as due to the lack of integrity, he will be able to control the political decisions of MPs. The second myth says that you must first remove the immunity of judges, and then of the deputies. The third myth is a biased attitude towards the process of cancellation of immunity. Many believe that it will be very confusing and complicated, but because right now this question is not worth raising. In addition, Nikolay Davidyuk told about politicians who lost parliamentary immunity at the time of independence of Ukraine, because of the crimes committed. But even then, none of them was held accountable.

The most optimal solution in the context of Davidyuk called the “limitation of parliamentary immunity”. It would only apply to financial, administrative and criminal offences. But on political decisions, it will not apply. Therefore, the President, in this case, you will not be able to influence deputies.

Николай Давидюк развеял главные мифы о депутатской неприкосновенности: "Чистый популизм"

Earlier it was reported that the leader of the party Social movement “Native land” Nikolay Tomenko explained why in Ukraine it is impossible to remove the immunity of the President, judges and deputies.

About this he wrote on his page in Facebook.

“There’s one candidate proposed to carry out a legal revolution in constitutional law and one law to abolish the immunity of the President, deputies and judges. Right answer — it is impossible in principle! “—said the politician.

According to him, the situation with the inviolability of people’s deputies is the simplest. He noted that we are talking about the corresponding paragraph of article 80 of the Constitution, and Parliament is left only one voting 300 votes to fulfill his promise.

Recall that the expert explained, which should preserve the inviolability of the deputies.

As reported Politeka, elected officials as they can retard the consideration of bills on the abolition of parliamentary immunity.

We also wrote that it is necessary to remove inviolability from the President.