Nikolay Davidyuk debunked myths surrounding the legalization of weapons: “nobody talks about it”

Николай Давидюк развенчал мифы вокруг легализации оружия: "об этом никто не говорит"

The arms market — sensitive issue for many Ukrainians

In need of legalization of weapons, and is the state ready for such a drastic step, in your YouTube blog understood the political expert Nikolay Davidyuk.

In particular, it notes that the Ukrainian media space, there have been several myths. In particular, many countries in the world have the arms market.

“Why these speakers remember only three countries: Moldova, Switzerland and the United States. But they never mention those successful countries that don’t have arms market. For example, Singapore, Dubai or many other” — said Davidyuk.

Николай Давидюк развенчал мифы вокруг легализации оружия: "об этом никто не говорит"

The second myth he called the idea that every Ukrainian has a right to defend themselves.

“Yes, it is a sacred right of the Ukrainians, but then why do we pay hundreds of billions of hryvnias of taxes to protect us law enforcement agencies? After all, when we allocate hundreds of billions of hryvnia, the Ukrainian on the street needs to feel snug, and not to think what his gun to bring with you to go for a walk” — said the expert.

The third myth — if one has the right to arms, and all the rest have that right. Here we are talking about the fact that, for example, the Minister of defense is entitled to present an award weapon.

“Perhaps then it is easier to forbid officials to get weapons out of the hands of the Minister? Indeed, this fact can become an argument for open arms for all,” said Davidyuk.

At the same time, he drew attention to the existence of antimirov, which is rarely spoken of.

So, the expert noted that the United States, where guns are banned are statistically richer than those where there is resolution.

In addition, he added that in the United States by careless conduct with the weapon dies 30 000 people.

“Transferring to the Ukrainian realities it will be 4-5 thousand. To make it more clear, this is the same number which die from car accidents. That is, instead of 5 thousand that die, we will receive 10 thousand”, — said Davidyuk.

“If we want to open up the market weapons, and care about national defense, we must think strategically and accept such concepts that are currently working in Estonia, or Israel. And only trust the lobbyists and just because they want to expand their markets, probably not worth it,” concluded Davidyuk.

We will remind, the motorcyclist shot the driver in Kiev.

As he wrote Politeka, in Kiev, shot people, many injured, has personnel of the emergency.

Also Politeka wrote that euroshare started shooting in Kiev, introduced plan interception.