Nikitiuk showed the face without make-up: “a single gram of cosmetics”

Никитюк показала лицо без макияжа: "Ни грамма косметики"

Leading Lesya Nikityuk actively leads his Instagram page and it never ceases to amaze fans with new images

To do this, the media personality, take good care of yourself and regularly doing beauty treatments. She visits the beautician, following the food, sports and almost always appears in public with makeup.

Nikitiuk prefers natural make-up with emphasis on eyes, emphasizing their natural beauty. In the fresh Instagram photo she poses with her beloved by sudovym makeup in a Bathrobe, putting to his lips the rose.

Her skin glows as if from within, a natural, gentle makeup gives the face freshness and highlights the natural beauty of Lesja. Even the manicure stars made in nadovich colours.

“For quiet hto covetise mom Makeup! I love makeup..natural nude! For tsogo vikoristannya “useista” well, I makeup,” wrote TV presenter, listing your favorite cosmetic products.

Никитюк показала лицо без макияжа: "Ни грамма косметики"

Fans approved make-up of the star and praised her for her ability to always look just amazing not only in frame but also in life.

“Lesya Ivanivna, You duzhe Garneau”, “Les, you’re high. You get me higher”, “tenderness”, “Beautiful young I Pani!”, “Beautiful,” “Beautiful. Without makeup”, “Nadzvychaina beautiful”, “Elegant”, “Led Le, T. beautiful,” “Les, you’re an awesome person and the most beautiful”, “you’re Very beautiful, very” — not able to keep their emotions in followers.

In stories TV presenter showed racier frame. She lies on the bed in a Burgundy leotard, and fans can easily see her cleavage. The girl there is not an ounce of makeup, and her hair collected in a neat bundle.

Никитюк показала лицо без макияжа: "Ни грамма косметики"

Yesterday nikitiuk showed how the met the great feast of Easter.

On published frames celebrity showed as a priest he was honoring her with Holy water along with all belongings. Judging by the reaction of a star, it is, on the one hand in awe of what is happening, and with another – was not expecting that pop poured so much water on a fresh makeup, which then rubbed on the face nikitiuk.

Recall nikitiuk showed who went on holiday to Vienna.

As reported Politeka, Lesya Nikityuk revealed the secret personal life of his companion.

Also Politeka wrote that [in the eve of the holiday the car broke.