Nikitiuk said on his unexpected gig: “we Need to raise more money”

Никитюк рассказала о своей неожиданной подработке: "Нужно собрать больше денег"

Leading well-known Ukrainian Lesia Nikityuk, in addition to the active filming of the show on the New channel and travel time to do charity

About Lesya Nikityuk told behind the scenes of the New channel, reports golos.

Никитюк рассказала о своей неожиданной подработке: "Нужно собрать больше денег"

“It all started with the fact that I began to sell things in Instagram. My subscribers bought them, and the money I paid all the debts of a shelter for dogs in front of the veterinary clinic. For the rest bought the necessary medicines and food. The shelter is located in Khmelnytsky. He answers to no one, they are only volunteers. At the moment there is 250 dogs.”- told leading.

Now the star is enough to place a few posts about selling their things on social networks to collect the new required amount.

“All of the proceeds then being taken to Dnepropetrovsk. I usually go there, purchase is required and all personally control.”- added nikitiuk.

According to the head of the public organization “Save life” Elena Golubnichij, help the presenter was very timely. After the celebrity posted on their pages in social networks photo with the puppies, the interest in the shelter has increased significantly, and many animals found a home.

Никитюк рассказала о своей неожиданной подработке: "Нужно собрать больше денег"

Lesya Nikityuk will not stop there and is planning to hold similar actions. Leading told about the plans.

“Last year, could fetch $ 700, but this time I want a lot more, because dogs need quality food and decent medical care. By the way, puppies are often taken away from the orphanage in a different country. The last time the three dogs went to Germany. There are very popular this topic is to take animals from the shelter. We have it is still not too developed, unfortunately.”- said nikitiuk.

Recall that earlier we wrote that on the wedding day Nastya Kamensky and Potap officially confirmed their relationship.

To congratulate the newlyweds gathered all the “cream” of Ukrainian show-business.

Was no exception and Lesya Nikityuk, who came to congratulate Nastya and Potap in the evening. New post from the celebration the actress shared a few hours later. For this evening nikitiuk chose bright short dress, show off slender legs. Fans were obviously thrilled.

Recall nikitiuk showed who went on holiday to Vienna.

As reported Politeka, Lesya Nikityuk revealed the secret personal life of his companion.

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