Nikitiuk bared soul and gave the truth about the breakup with fiance: “I Promise”

Никитюк оголила душу и выдала правду о расставании с женихом: "Зареклась"

TV presenter Les nikitiuk gave a Frank interview to Ekaterina Osadchaya, which reveal several interesting things about his personal life

Popular Ukrainian TV presenter and showwomen Lesya Nikityuk in February stunned fans with news that she broke off her relationship with her fiancé. During a holiday in the Maldives, she decided to tell about the dramatic changes in his personal life. It was on the Maldives nikitiuk decided to establish mental balance and get positive emotions. Then in February, Lesya Nikityuk decided not to announce the details of the breakup, just to share this news with the fans.

However, Katya Osadchaya in the framework of the “high life” managed to talk to the presenter and to pry out of her why she broke up with boyfriend. The corresponding video appeared on the YouTube channel of the program.

They met at the fashion show of Ukrainian brand Millanova, which took place in Barcelona. For the release of Les has chosen a very provocative outfit with sheer pants. To the question “social life” about the reasons of parting with her lover, Les with humor responded that an end to their feelings put a candid interview with Kate, in which she happily shared details of his personal life.

“I promise, never will he want. For me two studs, silent. Thu-Thu-Thu, so as not to jinx it,” promised Lady Le.

Kate suggested that the gap is not yet final and young people are still trying to find a common language, but she decided to avoid answering even more intrigued fans.

Никитюк оголила душу и выдала правду о расставании с женихом: "Зареклась"

“I’m a diamond he diamond. Our cut sharpening yet,” she said poetically to answer telediva.

Also, Lesya Nikityuk said that publicity was one of the reasons why her relationship did not exist, because to be always in sight – is very difficult.

“The publicity will always be one of the reasons for the difficult relationship. Because when you’re somewhere in the rest, people who are around you can bump phones and start to photograph. Get used to it the average person is very difficult. But that’s not the main reason for the gap,” she confessed.

Recall nikitiuk showed who went on holiday to Vienna.

As reported Politeka, Lesya Nikityuk revealed the secret personal life of his companion.

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