Nightmare at school: the girl died in front of the Director, the details of the mysterious tragedy

Кошмар в школе: девочка умирала на глазах директора, детали таинственной трагедии

The eighth-grader after a suicide attempt was in the hospital and in the office of the Director

This writes the portal First News

It is reported that the tragedy occurred in the school №162 in the capital of Azerbaijan. So, the girl made a suicide attempt, after which she was brought to the principal’s office

Кошмар в школе: девочка умирала на глазах директора, детали таинственной трагедии

According to the Secretary of the institution Nigar Mammadova, who spoke at the trial, the girl had tried to commit suicide, but her parents allegedly is otherwise ignored.

As the local media, the eighth-grader after a suicide attempt was questioned in the principal’s office, and did the psychologist. Local activist Zemfira Mammadova says that after the incident with the schoolgirl spoke to the headmistress and the Deputy head of Sabail district Khalida Bayramova

However, the ambulance they called immediately after a suicide attempt, and after about two and a half hours. The eighth-grader, unfortunately, died in a medical facility after hospitalization.

According to the activist Zemfira Mamedova, the parents of the Schoolgirls has repeatedly appealed to the leadership due to the fact that their daughter was poisoned, but the Director and the team took no action.

Кошмар в школе: девочка умирала на глазах директора, детали таинственной трагедии

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Director, teacher and psychologist after of the scandal was dismissed. The investigation claims that the head of the institution Sevinj Abassova “not fully on duty, did not react sensitively to the emotional state of the deceased, showed indifference to the provision of psychological assistance, as well as leaving the student in danger of untimely triggering of doctors.

But local activists note that the behavior of the school Director is not regarded as incitement to suicide.

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As reported Politeka, the former head of the “Right sector” found with her throat cut.

Also Politeka wrote that the seventh-grader couldn’t handle the pressure in school and made irreparable.