Night Safari: drunk Sbushnik in the car opened fire on the people, details

"Ночное сафари": пьяный СБУшник на иномарке открыл стрельбу по людям, подробности

The police asked the witness, who managed to hide from inadequate

In the village of Nova Basan ‘ (Bobrovitskiy R-n, Dnipropetrovsk oblast) there was an unpleasant incident. A local resident called the police and reported that on 25 August, unknown persons fired at the people.

According to the woman, to her company approached strangers on the car “Skoda”. The unknown got out of the cars and four shot at people, the website High Shaft.

Arriving police found that the driver of the car was the employee of SBU in the state of alcoholic intoxication. The police drew up at the offending Protocol under part 1 of article 130 KU administrative offences (driving in an alcohol intoxication). The driver faces a fine in the amount of 10 thousand 200 hryvnias.

"Ночное сафари": пьяный СБУшник на иномарке открыл стрельбу по людям, подробности

In management of SBU in Chernihiv region informed that the violator is not an employee of the regional Department, and he is from the capital.

Recall that in the Solomensky district of Kiev on 27 August shooting occurred. It is known that a man used a traumatic weapon, and then fled.

The incident occurred at Vozduhoflotsky Prospekt, 52 about 10:30.

It is noted that shot into the air from a Mitsubishi Lancer IX. According to unofficial sources, he was wounded. Then the driver left in an unknown direction.

Law enforcers are searching for auto numbers “of the AM 65 59 AM”, in Kiev, declared the plan “Interception”.

Earlier we wrote that on August 26, Kiev was scared of loud rumbling in the morning. The sound heard in different parts of the capital. It was later revealed that the unknown shot from a grenade launcher.

Building on pankovskaya str., 5, in which the explosion occurred belongs to the JSC “Mostostroy. Across the road lay the tube fired anti-tank Hand grenade.

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It is known that the shell hit one of the Windows on the fourth floor. As a result of the explosion damaged the glass on adjacent floors. Fortunately, no one was hurt.

"Ночное сафари": пьяный СБУшник на иномарке открыл стрельбу по людям, подробности

Later, the police began searching for two people who escaped on a moped. Militiamen declared the plan “Siren”. Police have classified the incident as a terrorist attack. The perpetrators threatens from seven till 12 years of imprisonment.

We will remind, couple of days ago in Kiev was closed metro station “Maidan Nezalezhnosti” because of reports about mining. The bomb call was anonymous. Fortunately, the message has not been confirmed.

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