Nicolas Bedos push a blow of mouth against Caesar because of Doria Tillier – Here

Nicolas Bedos is angry. The actor and director wants to the académie des César and was not hidden.

The profile Facebook of the couple formed by Nicolas Bedos and Doria Tillier could post as a status ” It’s complicated “. Last February, on the occasion of the release of the feature film Mr and Mrs Adelman (directed by Nicolas Bedos in which he gives the reply to the ex-Miss Weather), the actor explained to Paris Match : “I don’t know where we are. Sometimes I speak in the past, other time in the future. Our couple is very complicated. Life has proven to us both that she had a lot of imagination. But this love of ours, has, it seems, irreversible. “

And Nicolas Bedos comes to prove it once again by taking the defence of his beautiful. This Monday, November 13, the committee’s Revelations of the Académie des César has selected 36 young talents, in view of the upcoming awards ceremony – even if they will not be more than ten in the final, five for women and five for men. Among the names chosen is not that of Doria Tillier, whose delivery had been rented out to the film’s release. “Doria Tillier is sensational,” noted Le Figaro, this film, “reveals […] a delectable actress that these are the beginnings,” explained Marianne. Télérama considered for his part that ” in his first film role, she is terrific.” Its interpretation has won the Swan gold of the female revelation of the year at the last festival du film de Cabourg.

On his account Instagram, Nicolas Bedos has posted a photo of his partner on the filming of the movie, the smile and the sparkling eyes. “Except my respect for the committee revelation of Caesar 2018, a thought of admiration for Doria Tillier…” let’s Hope she skips the check Revelation to compete directly with the César for best actress.

Except my respect for the committee’s revelation of the caesars 2018, a thought of admiration for Doria Tillier…

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