Nicki Minaj graced the cover of the Arab “VOGUE”

Ники Минаж украсила обложку арабского «VOGUE»

It is no secret that the American rap singer gained worldwide popularity due to not only the original music, but also colourful images. However, Nicki Minaj refused the provocative outfits, taking part in a photo shoot for the September issue of the fashion magazine Arabic edition of “VOGUE”. Star not to strip, giving preference to the sleek, floor-length, black in color, embellished with voluminous sleeves made of translucent tulle, and actual pumps of patent leather. Besides the singer’s hit “Moment 4 Life” emphasized a natural appeal, making the arrows on the upper eyelids. However, special attention deserves an interview that American gave for the first time in the last few months.

Writes, Minaj has said he was not going to stop on the reached success and wants to carry out many of their own ambitions. “I’m not here for games. I am talented, intelligent and brave. I always knew I was born for something more. Therefore, since the beginning to conquer the musical Olympus, I had not doubted that I would become a world-renowned performer,” — said the brunette. It is noteworthy that this year has been particularly productive for the famous actress. After all, Nicky has presented several new tracks and music videos that instantly became hits.

In addition American has released another album. By the way, now Minaj is preparing for the beginning of the world tour. While the rap singer not report in which countries go brunette. But, according to Western publications, Minaj plans to visit not only the United States, Australia and countries in Europe and Latin America.

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