New Zaytsev hit a child on the move in Kiev: “I flew five meters, and collapsed on the pavement”

Новая Зайцева сбила ребенка на переходе в Киеве: "пролетела пять метров и рухнула на асфальт"

In the heart of the capital’s station had been a terrible accident

In Kiev, the Nissan hit a girl 11 years old, crossing the road at a pedestrian crossing. It is reported by the Informant.

Новая Зайцева сбила ребенка на переходе в Киеве: "пролетела пять метров и рухнула на асфальт"

The accident occurred on 25 April on the Avenue of Science. Witnesses of the accident say that the child crossed the road in the right place, and Nissan at great speed moved in the direction of Central station. The car is travelling ahead of the Nissan, had to stop, but as soon as the girl came out from the corner of the car, she was immediately hit by a truck.

On the Avenue of Science is the driver of the Nissan was knocked down 11-the summer girl. Child in serious condition

Posted by Informant Kyiv on Thursday, April 25, 2019

After the collision, the girl flew more than five meters and landed on asphalt. Ambulance took her to the hospital. She was in critical condition and never woken up. It is known that the child has multiple fractures, including an open skull injury.

Новая Зайцева сбила ребенка на переходе в Киеве: "пролетела пять метров и рухнула на асфальт"

Earlier it became known that the terrible car accident of the famous Russian singer Maxim. According to producer star Magarity Sokolova, the singer has a weak vessel, so powerful blows that she received in the accident that caused her serious harm. In addition, she bashed her chin and therefore can’t speak.

“While it is very hard for her. Naturally, she feels bad about herself. Not fatal, of course, the condition but difficult. Very powerful inflammation from bruises she received,” — said the producer of the singer.

35-year-old singer was involved in a serious accident, hurrying for your flight to Moscow on shootings of the clip “Subscriber not available”. It is known that the accident was serious, but thankfully, the artist survived, now it’s done by doctors.

“Now the worst is behind us, and the situation is under full control, Marina engaged the best doctors — thank you! I ask for your understanding for our situation and wish Marina a speedy recovery. Your support and love is very important,” wrote the Manager in his post on the social network.

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As reported Politeka in the accident was hit by a legendary band.

Politeka also wrote that the car at full speed and flew into passers-by in the city centre.