New Zaitsev flew to the pavement with the children: “littered with bodies”, waiting for green

Новая Зайцева влетела на тротуар с детьми: "усеяно телами", ждали зеленый цвет

A terrible accident in which the car flew into a group of children with teachers occurred at the intersection

It is reported by OBOZREVATEL. Similar story with Zaitseva the tragedy happened in Japan.

As you know, in the city of Otsu at the time of collision of two cars at the intersection, one of them flew in a group of children of kindergarten age, who were waiting for green signal at the transition with the teachers. Because of what happened the accident were injured 15 people and two children died.

Новая Зайцева влетела на тротуар с детьми: "усеяно телами", ждали зеленый цвет

It is reported that 13 children aged two to three years suffered serious injuries. Two educators also severely injured. Moreover, four of the injured are in serious condition. The police arrested the drivers of the car, which was a terrible accident that caused a deadly impact on children. A criminal case was reported, on this fact was initiated.

Новая Зайцева влетела на тротуар с детьми: "усеяно телами", ждали зеленый цвет

Earlier it was reported that in Ivano-Frankivsk region the tragedy occurred. Three people were killed and another one looking for rescuers in the aftermath of the fall of the car into the river. This became known from information published by the Department gschs of Ukraine in Ivano-Frankivsk region. The local Black Cheremosh river from a height of about 40 m dropped a truck with tourists. It is reported that the dead may the citizens of Belarus. In the crashed car were 23 people: “In the car and found the bodies of 3 dead. 19 people saved. The fate of 1 person remains unknown” — referred to in the message of rescuers.

At the moment the search and rescue operations are continuing, it is known that 45 rescuers and 9 units of equipment of gschs of Ukraine work at the scene of an emergency.

Has also written about the fact that the passengers of the bus posted a video, as their reverses a tornado in Romania. Frames are not for the faint of heart – literally seconds before they turned a raging storm – the people filmed him approaching the bus.

It is known that the destructive tornado raged in the South of the country. Waxing is not a joke, the element has destroyed about a dozen homes and overturned the bus in which there were people.

We will remind that known Russian TV presenter died in an accident.

As reported Politeka known comedians were victims of a terrible accident on the road.

Also Politeka wrote that terrible mass traffic accident occurred on the highway near the U.S. Denver (Colorado).