New Zaitsev blew a stop with people near Kiev: the details of the accident, were the ruins

Новая Зайцева снесла остановку с людьми под Киевом: детали ДТП, остались руины

The driver of the car violated the traffic rules and staged a car accident

April 30, about 9 o’clock in the morning there was a devastating accident on the highway near the Ukrainian capital. The car has rammed a stop with people. The press service of the patrol police of the Kiev region published in Facebook photos and details of the incident

Mitsubishi Galant crashed on the 28th kilometer of the highway “Kiev-Odessa”. According to preliminary information, 37-year-old driver was driving in the direction of Kiev. He didn’t consider a road situation and speeding, resulting in lost control and crashed into a public transport stop. From the blow design is severely damaged. My car was totaled. A similar nightmare was left after the accident with the participation of

Новая Зайцева снесла остановку с людьми под Киевом: детали ДТП, остались руины

According to police, at the time of the accident injured several passengers waiting at a bus stop. Among the injured was a small child. 2-year-old patient with the rest of the victims were taken to the hospital.

Earlier, 14-year-old girl was seriously injured as a result dorozhno-transport incident with participation of three cars in Kharkov. The accident occurred on 30 April around 13:30 on the street Poltavsky Shlyakh. In a press-service GU of the national police in the Kharkiv region reported that 23-year-old driver of a stolen Mercedes lost control and collided with a car Daewoo. From hitting the Mercedes was thrown directly into a cargo van Renault.

Новая Зайцева снесла остановку с людьми под Киевом: детали ДТП, остались руины

The teenager was a passenger of Daewoo. The injured girl was sent to the Kharkiv city clinical hospital of emergency medical aid. The car in which she was at the time of the accident, received a very severe mechanical damage and can not be restored. During the investigation, police found that the alleged culprit, triggering an accident is not the owner of the Mercedes, and took her for a few hours before the accident.

We will remind, in Kiev the motorcyclist staged a bloody accident, “rolled over” photos from the scene of the accident.

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