New York became the fifth place where you can choose the third floor

The States of Washington and district of Columbia also allow gender-neutral driver’s license.

Нью-йорк став п&#039ятим місцем, де можна вибирати третю стать

People who were born in new York and not identificeret yourself as a man or woman can now choose a third gender category, an “X” in their birth certificates, informs Rus.Media.

Mayor bill de Blasio signed the position on Tuesday, October 9, with the result that new York ranked fifth behind California, Oregon, Washington state and new Jersey, which also allowed to choose a third gender. Three Washington state and the district of Columbia also allow gender-neutral driver’s license.

Supporters of transgender organizations insist that the government could easier to change identity documents, in accordance with gender identity. They say that strict male and female categories is a form of discrimination against transgender people, who are their against their will.

The law of new York allows people to change their birth certificates marked “M” or “F” at “X” without a document from a doctor is required.

“This change may seem small, but it’s monumental,” said Tanya Sapanca-Johnson Walker, activist and transgender, who took part in the signing ceremony and spoke about the anxiety that is associated with the lack of gender identification. “Future generations will not have to suffer,” said Walker.

Among the participants of the ceremony were actor Asia Kate Dillon, star of the series “Billions.” Born of woman, Dillon identificeret not himself neither man nor woman and calls himself a “them” or “it”, as well as character.

Gender-neutral birth certificate to 2014, according to which transgender people in new York can easily change the gender in their birth certificates from male to female or Vice versa, removing the requirement for legal change in name and operation. Now these people can choose the third option.

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The question of what happens when the other state does not recognize the symbol “X” has not yet been resolved in the courts.

To change the passport floor, the US government requires that the doctor confirmed that the man received clinical treatment for gender transition. Still passports were male or female designation, but in September U.S. district court in Denver ruled that the State Department cannot refuse to provide a neutral gender passport.

De Blasio said that the law gave the new Yorkers the freedom to “tell the government who they are, not Vice versa.” “Imagine if you were told that you were the one who thought of himself. You will be yourself. Live your truth. And know that new York will have your back,” said Blasio.

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