New Volkswagen Polo hatchback will be a rally car

German engineering companies have shown in the global network sketch showing the appearance of a rally car, which will be developed on the basis of a hatchback of Volkswagen Polo the following generation. The car will be named Volkswagen Polo GTI and R5 to debut next year on the world rally Championship WRC.

A project to create a rally car on the basis of Volkswagen Polo manages the technical Director of Volkswagen Motorsport Francois Xavier-GameZone. The top Manager had previously worked on a program to develop the Polo Volkswagen Polo R WRC, which is four times brought his team to the championship.

New Volkswagen Polo Polo GTI R5 will be able to buy as a professional racing team and Amateur teams. The car is aimed at various competitions, including WRC2.

In the engine compartment Volkswagen Polo GTI R5 located two-liter “four” with a turbocharger, with a capacity of 270 horsepower. A couple of the unit is a five-speed sequential transmission, which transmits torque to both axles.

Recently, the Germans announced that they are developing a “heated” Volkswagen Polo the following generation. Details machine is unknown, but it is assumed that she will receive a full drive and a 300-horsepower engine.

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