New technology will help scientists to recognize earthquake

Новые технологии помогут ученым заранее распознавать землетрясения

Earthquakes can now be detected easier than ever before with new technologies.

The researchers from Iceland have successfully used existing fiber-optic cable connections to evaluate seismic activity.

These networks are laid under the ground in countries around the world to provide Internet service and television. This method proved to be sensitive to the jitter of the soil, but not yet ready for widespread use.

He joins a number of recent advances in sensing earthquakes, including apps for smartphones and more affordable detection equipment.

Activity is usually monitored by seismometers carefully calibrated and expensive devices that are located in sensitive areas of the earth’s surface. A laser pulse directed through a single fiber cable that was sufficient to determine whether any violations along its length.

Scientists have discovered a local movement, seismic shaking and even passing pedestrians. They also detected the signal of a strong earthquake in Indonesia.

The tool you want to connect to each cable so as to make possible monitoring in real time is expensive, but researchers are working on economical alternatives. Such networks, already working in Japan and Mexico, in order to prevent the earthquake.

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