New tax policy of Ukraine should be clear to all of its citizens – expert

Новая налоговая политика Украины должна быть понятна для всех ее граждан - эксперт

In Ukraine it is necessary to form clear and stable for all citizens fiscal policy: reducing the tax burden and the balance between state interests and the interests of all business entities, wrote in his blog on the website “the League” the expert on taxation, associate Professor of criminal law and criminology of the University of the state fiscal service of Ukraine Andriy Gmyrin

Новая налоговая политика Украины должна быть понятна для всех ее граждан - эксперт

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According to the expert, all previous tax reform in Ukraine was carried out only for the distribution of political and economic influence, and the new, introduced into tax legislation changes that caused new problems.

“Separate tax calculations have become complicated and inconvenient for taxpayers, and regulators. Dubious interpretations of certain terms and provisions set forth in laws have a negative impact on the confidence of taxpayers and tax officials, which controls the correctness of calculation and payment of taxes. The low level of credibility of the fiscal authorities is confirmed by the results of a survey conducted by researchers TNS to order the design office of the National Council reform. According to them, only 17% of citizens trust the employees of the State tax service. In addition, according to the monthly survey of the company, 72% of Ukrainians do not feel a positive effect from the tax reform which was carried out during the last five years,” he explained.

Also Gmyrin noted that only the interaction of the power with the expert community and citizens will enhance the trust of Ukrainians and efficiently reform the tax system.

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“Of course, an effectively operating market economy must be regulated by the state. However, the state should not satisfy the ambitions of certain political forces, and to influence the development of the economy first of all by applying the appropriate tax system to balance the tax rate, the incentives to change the order of taxation to create certain predposylki for accelerated development of priority sectors and industries that contribute to the solution of urgent problems for society. A comprehensive and systematic reform of the tax system of Ukraine should begin with the mutual cooperation between the authorities, the expert community, business and all subjects of taxation “, — said the expert.