New Star : Paul Plexi denounces ” a huge scam “, her former record label responds to him – Here

Since his victory at New Star, Paul Plexi cries to the scandal. Fired from his label and then private promo for the show, the singer has described the télécrochet of ” huge scam “. A new provocation, which responded to the Universal, his former record label.

In 2016, Paul Plexi won the New Star on C8. A huge opportunity for Patrick Rust, his real name, who signed in the wake of a contract with the label Polydor, a subsidiary of Universal. Unfortunately for him, his dream was finally turned into a nightmare. Last January, the singer announced the bad news to his fans on Facebook. “It is with great sadness and much disappointment that I announce that my label Polydor Universal just fire me, he wrote on the social network. I will have to find other solutions to release this album. I am disgusted by this fucking business, but the music continues. “

Paul Plexi had also explained to the edition of the swiss 20 Minutes that he had proposed a dozen titles for the label, to no avail. “The team did not like what I was doing,” he confided, stating : “I had tried to be as commercial as possible, but still staying true to my style. ”

Dropped by his label for his first album, the artist decided to release an EP. To do this, he had launched a page on crowd-funding on the site wemakeit, which had allowed him to harvest not less than 40 000 euros thanks to his fans and friends. Happy to finally be able to return to the front of the stage, Paul Plexi was hoping for help from New Star for the promotion of his project. But the artist was still a refusal.

“Very disappointed to learn that the production of New star refused to talk about the release of my EP on their page Facebook. They deny me, “he denounced before to push a blow of mouth :” be careful, there are all the beautiful promises, contracts, you dangled albums, and then after, there is the reality of the record companies interested mainly in the money. “

Benefitting from the return of Nouvelle Star on M6, on the 1st of November, Paul Plexi took the opportunity to put a coat : “Good luck to all the candidates New Star who signed contracts of exclusivity for being part of a large scam “, a-t-a launched it on Twitter a few hours before the launch of the program.

After months to suffer the repeated attacks of the singer, Universal has finally decided to replicate in the columns of the Parisian. For the record, there is no “scam” on his part : “He was able to work his songs in our studios, in a first time, but the result was not thrilled and we decided to terminate his contract,” explained Universal. Determined to end the controversy, the record label, then added : “In this case, the contract is broken and the singer is compensated, this was the case for Paul.”

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