New “servant of the people” stunned by the ignorance: “ª putanna?” And these people will decide how we live

Новый «слуга народа» ошеломил безграмотностью: «Є петання?» И эти люди будут решать, как нам жить

One of the deputies from the “public Servants” ran into criticism in the network, showing all your ignorance

The post man left a Facebook.

“Friends, dyakuyu scho patronale me on elections of the Verkhovna Rada Yes. Maybe something I’d try to do in our rayon Yak MP. Yakscho will AKS petanda to me jfont min on miy room — your Volodimir Tymofiychuk”, — stated in the message.

Новый «слуга народа» ошеломил безграмотностью: «Є петання?» И эти люди будут решать, как нам жить

Note that we are talking about the winner in constituency No. 89 of Ivano-Frankivsk region. His post attracted a flurry of negative emotions among users.

“Feel free to read, educate yourself. Although no! Go back to school,” “I Congratulate all elected this mentally limited raguli! No questions, all clear!”, “How clever! So excited! Especially good are the comments of the hero of the day”, “Smoked a primer for school in the 1st grade”, “language Courses in Truskavets failed?”, “In Truskavets lectures himself Azarov read”, “Soon the first of September, time for school”, “Man has glorified himself, his Snyatyn, his party and his primary school teacher across the country. I wonder who now There recognizes that for this star voted”, “Admit it finally, that is trolling! Well, not this tin (and the post and responses to comments) to be true,” they write.

As previously reported, the controversial statement was made by future people’s Deputy from “Oppositional platform For life” Oleg Voloshin. The man who came to the Parliament to serve the people, expressed openly separatiskie message. According to him, the APU in the Donbas are fighting not with Russia, and with the citizens of Ukraine, which the Russians provide weapons.

He added that if the enemy of Ukraine were Russia, the latter would have to declare war.

“I have repeatedly read reports of the General staff, talked with our military. No one has grounds to assert that we are fighting in the Donbass against the Russian army. We are at war with the same our citizens, trained and led by Russian officers, with the support of the so-called px, which supplies weapons,” – said Voloshin.

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Новый «слуга народа» ошеломил безграмотностью: «Є петання?» И эти люди будут решать, как нам жить

We will remind, eks-the commander claims that the Donbass will return for the day.

As reported Politeka, cars with military crashed in an accident.

Also Politeka wrote that the militants brutalized and spat on the truce.