New scramble magnesium?

entreprise-mag-one-products-oeuvre(SHERBROOKE) At least 100 jobs could be created in Asbestos and Danville, with the establishment of the company Mag One Products, which works in the field of magnesium. The company plans to first build a production plant and magnesium panel assembly on the Jeffrey Mine site, where production could start by December 2016.

Three plants could be built in total in Asbestos and Danville, including one on the Jeffrey Mine site. The number of jobs could increase to 500 if the three plants are emerging.

The company president, Mr. Nelson Skalbania, confirmed the plans of the Canadian company in the MRC des Sources.

The first factory to produce and assemble magnesium panels, up to 10 million panels per year. The company Magboard LLC is a partner of the project.

The president of Jeffrey Mine, Bernard Coulombe, would not comment, noting nonetheless that discussions are ongoing between the two companies.

Asked about an agreement binding the two companies – including One Products Mag reported on its website – Mr. Coulombe says Mag One Products has an option to buy 50 million tons of crushed serpentine rocks.

Mr. Skalbania prefers not to advance on the exact locations of the plants B and C, but noted in an email that if a plant is built in Danville, she could emerge on the site of the former Magnola, which closed in 2003. at the time, Noranda had justified the closure by lower metal prices and Chinese competition.

The plant B must include produce magnesium oxide C while the plant would produce magnesium. The start of production is desired respectively by February 2017 and July 2017. The plant will initially produce 5,000 tonnes C per year and could increase its production to 100 000 tonnes per year.

Global producer

On its website, the company has offices in Montreal and Vancouver Announces colors, indicating that a new plant will be located in Danville.

It says that its technology will allow it to become a global low-cost producer of pure magnesium ingots 99.9% and magnesium high purity alloys.

It also reads that the facilities will meet on a site offering various services, near an experienced workforce.

“The electricity rates are among the lowest in North America,” argues the company, adding that the plant site is adjacent to the ore deposit. The latter, also notes Mag One Products has been successfully tested.

“The magnesium market is set to grow by 5% per year over the next five years due to increased demand from the automotive industry and the US military, who are trying to produce lighter vehicles will emit less carbon dioxide, “can we also read on the site. It also mentions that China produces over 80% of supply. However, with a magnesium manufacturing only in North America (in the United States), the need is there for a magnesium producer of high capacity and low cost calls do you also.

The mayor of Asbestos, Hugues Grimard, was stingy with comments. “This is a project on the drawing board,” he stated stressing that the support was offered to the company. “We offer them the entire toolkit, the Economic Diversification Fund,” he said.

Mr. Nelson Skalbania promoter is well known in the sports world. He owned several sports teams, including the Montreal Alouettes. He first started his career as an engineer. He has had trouble with the law in the late 90s for a fraud story.

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