New rule for all Ukrainians entered into force: “at work must no longer…”

Новое правило для всех украинцев вступило в силу: «на работе больше не должны...»

Ukrainians are no longer required when applying for a job give your employer your work book

The government on 9 October sets in motion a bill and acts, abolishing the mandatory presence of labor books. This was announced by the Minister of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine Dmytro Dubilet.

It is noted that information on job tenure for all citizens since 2000 is contained in the electronic register of the state. And those who have seniority prior to 2000, can independently or through the employer to place this data in e-registry. The Minister noted that this information is used when calculating pensions or other social benefits.

Новое правило для всех украинцев вступило в силу: «на работе больше не должны...»

An electronic document with information about the work experience, the Ukrainians will be able to find and receive in the Network. You need to use a digital signature.

From now on this document which may require employers to check the experience of their applicants. At the same time, employers will be able to ensure that the presented document is real, with the help of the QR-code, which will be automatically applied to those documents.

At the same time, it is noted that if someone wants to continue to store information about your service in the service book, banning it will not. You can still ask the employer to write in it and to stamp. But now neither the employee nor the employer is not obligated to do so.

Earlier it was reported that the new Labor code being drafted by the Verkhovna Rada is now working a fraction of the “Servant of the people”, will be much more liberal for employers than for workers. About this on his page in Facebook said the Chairman of the Committee on social policy and protection of the rights of veterans Galina Tretyakov.

Новое правило для всех украинцев вступило в силу: «на работе больше не должны...»

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