New products from Hyundai will provide for the behavior of people and other road users

Cars equipped with this technology, capable of quickly making complex “reasoning” on the basis of human behavior.

Новинки від Hyundai передбачатимуть поведінку людей й інших учасників руху

A division of Hyundai Motor company – Hyundai’s CRADLE have made large investments in the startup Perseptive Automata that will help accelerate software development with human intuition, which will be equipped with Autonomous vehicles of the brand, informs Rus.Media.

Equipped software the car will be able to predict the actions of pedestrians and other road users and react quickly to changes in road conditions, helping to prevent accidents.

Note that Perseptive Automata is an innovative startup that is based in the us Silicon Valley. Its specialists have developed software that allows you to give Autonomous vehicles the ability to guess the intentions of road users, including pedestrians, cyclists, motorcyclists and motorists.

Equipped with this technology of the Autonomous car capable of quickly making complex “reasoning” on the basis of behavioral factors of people and to do certain maneuvers (to reduce speed before a pedestrian crossing, complete stop, accelerate, etc.), intuitively avoiding accidents.

Новинки від Hyundai передбачатимуть поведінку людей й інших учасників руху

“We are pleased that Hyundai Motor company, which is one of the leaders of the modern automotive industry, drew attention to our promising technology and made the decision to invest in the project. Investment from Hyundai Motor, will help to accelerate the development of technology which in near future will be implemented in a serial Autonomous vehicles and active safety systems,” said CEO and co-founder at Perseptive Automata Sid Misra.

One example of technology – analysis of the behavior of the pedestrian, who was about to cross the street at a pedestrian crossing, but seeing the Autonomous car, which was approaching, decided to stay and skip it. In this situation, Autonomous car technology “human intuition” will stop and will wait, even if the pedestrian changes his mind and does not go over the road. A machine with technology from Perseptive Automata can guess the behavior of the pedestrian, and shall give this information to the electronic brain, which will decide whether to stay or better to continue the movement, making sure that this maneuver is safe for the pedestrian and the car.

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