New portal for young people with cancer

maryse-labbe-benevole-mere-jeune(Sherbrooke) “Do not just talk, but ask concrete action to make a difference in the lives of young people with cancer. “That’s had asked his family Felix-Deslauriers Hallee before death from cancer at the age of 20 in 2011.

His parents, Hélène Deslauriers and Benoit Hallée, respected its commitment by establishing, in recent years, many projects in collaboration with the Quebec Cancer Foundation, the Program Felix, to support young people living with this terrible disease.

Under this program, the Quebec Cancer Foundation announced Wednesday the launch of a new portal for 15-39 years with cancer and their loved ones, a first in the province.

This website, available at www.cancer15-39.com, offers both practical advice about the disease, testimonials and a list of services and resources.

“The portal is important because it reflects the reality and needs of this age-group there,” said at a press conference Hélène Deslauriers, mother of Felix and co-initiator of the program to Felix.

For a cancer diagnosis does not carry the same meaning when it was 20 or 70 years. In both cases, it is an ad distressing, but at age 20, the disease puts a brake for a decisive period of life. For young people who are often in school or just starting out, this new reality greatly weakens their autonomy and financial situation.

“When I was diagnosed with cancer, I was extremely frustrated more than fear, that anxiety, it was mostly frustration,” Grenier told Joanie, 26, who fought cancer thyroid six years ago and is now in remission.

“I was in a period of my life when I was starting college, where I had a job where I felt ready to live what I wanted to live, and there, it’s like the cancer had come as the biggest sticks you get at our wheels. ”

“There has been a long time where I could not drive, so I depended on my parents to go to my appointment, I was dependent on my parents for money too. I was 20, I was in early adulthood, early in the period when we begin to want to be totally independent, and there it brought me as a dependence close to childhood . ”

In addition, many young cancer patients have difficulty in finding people their age who are facing or who have gone through the same event as them.

“At the hospital, when I had my treatments (…) I never saw young, I only saw people 60 and older, says Joanie. I felt really isolated from the world, I feel like the only one in that situation, even though I was surrounded. ”

Through the portal, not only young patients will feel less alone, but their relatives will also be better equipped to help them in this difficult time.

6th edition of the Defi-Felix-Deslauriers Hallee

If this new portal has been created, it is thanks to the funds raised by the Challenge Félix-Deslauriers-Hallée, whose 6th edition will be held on July 9 and 10 at Jacques-Cartier Park in Sherbrooke.

Hundreds of amateur and elite athletes will participate in activities such as touch football and soccer tournaments, a yoga session and a bike ride.

For the second year, the event will be held under the honorary presidency of utltramarathonien and pediatric intensivist at CIUSSS Estrie – CHUS Sebastien Roulier.

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