New PE in the plane with the Russians: “flew to Milan” on Board were more than a hundred people

Новое ЧП в самолете с россиянами: "не долетел до Милана", на борту было более ста человек

In Russia, for happened, two new state of emergency with passenger planes

So, the airliner Boeing 737 airline Utair, flying out to Milan from Vnukovo, reported about the emergency situation.

“After take-off at Vnukovo Boeing 737-800 aircraft had technical problems with the chassis. The commander decided to stop the flight for a safe landing, now produces fuel in the waiting area over Vnukovo. On Board the flight Moscow — Milan 109 passengers,” — said the press service.

Новое ЧП в самолете с россиянами: "не долетел до Милана", на борту было более ста человек

Boeing 737 with 109 passengers on Board, carrying out flight Moscow — Milan, returned to the airport because of the uncleared landing gear, confirmed in the press service of the airport.

In ATM (the state Corporation for air traffic management) said that the plane didn’t out of three landing gear. A distress signal the crew did not apply.

According to the online scoreboard Vnukovo flight UT 787 flew to Milan at 10:52, late almost half an hour. He went to the Malpensa airport, where they were supposed to land at 13:56.

12:36, after running out of fuel, the airliner landed safely at the airport, told RBC ATM.

As follows from indications of the transponder on the service FlightAware, the plane circling in the area Vnukovo.

Utair will replace the Board on the flight from Moscow to Milan after the incident with the Boeing 737-800, which, after a departure from “Vnukovo” could not remove the chassis.

“According to the rules of the company changes the aircraft. While waiting at the airport passengers will be provided food and drink and went to Milan the next flight,” — said the representative of the airline.

Estimated time of departure he did not name.

Earlier, on 14 may, the media reported the distress signal, which gave Boeing airline “Aeroflot”, EN route to Moscow from Kaliningrad. As explained in the press service of the airline, the aircraft tested the system at the request of the dispatching services of Belarus. The plane safely landed at Sheremetyevo.

As previously reported, it became known why the passenger plane Sukhoi Superjet 100 crashed in the Russian Sheremetyevo airport. It is noted that the result in Russia have identified the main cause of a fiery crash in which at least 41 people died.

Новое ЧП в самолете с россиянами: "не долетел до Милана", на борту было более ста человек

Investigators, in particular, believe that the actions of the pilots could cause a plane crash at Sheremetyevo. It is known that they do not develop the fuel and with obvious excess of speed, landed at the airport that resulted in damage to the passenger liner with the subsequent fire.

Recall that two planes with people collided in the air: a lot of victims, details of a mysterious tragedy.

As reported Politeka, with Putin’s plane was an emergency, raised NATO fighters

Politeka also wrote that the plane crashed on a popular route: “passengers were trapped in a fire”.