New money has appeared in Ukraine, the NBU has revealed the details: “all is not enough”

Новые деньги появились в Украине, в НБУ раскрыли детали: "всем не хватит"

The new coin will be released in a limited edition

This is stated in the message on the official website of the NBU

It is reported that the new commemorative coin of 2 hryvnia will be put into circulation on October 9, 2019.

Новые деньги появились в Украине, в НБУ раскрыли детали: "всем не хватит"

According to the report, the commemorative coin is dedicated to the famous Ukrainian artist Ivan Trush. The National Bank stressed that it will be included in the series “Outstanding personalities of Ukraine”

The circulation of the new coin is limited and will be only 35 thousand pieces. In gosregulyator also noted that its weight is about 13 grams

On the one side of the coin is depicted the small national Emblem of Ukraine, stylized image of a fragment of a picture of Ivan Trush “Trembita”, a facsimile of a famous artist and logo banknote printing and minting works of the NBU.

On the other side will depict the portrait of Ivan Trush on the mirror background palette with brushes.

“Dedicated to the painter, the founder of the realistic trend in Western painting, art critic, literary critic, publisher Ivan Ivanovich Coward. Author lyrical series of landscapes of portraits of I. Franko, V. Stefanyk, Lesia Ukrainka, I. Nechuy-Levitsky, P. Gitarnogo, M. Dragomanov, N. Lysenko and many others, Ivan Trush also established about 250 large paintings, among them paintings of “Sunset in the woods”, “the Dnieper river near Kiev”, “moonlight night on the sea”, “Grave of Taras Shevchenko in Kaniv”, etc. the Creative legacy of an artist is a precious contribution to the history of Ukrainian art”, — said in the state controller, reminding Ukrainians of the achievements of the legendary Trush.

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Новые деньги появились в Украине, в НБУ раскрыли детали: "всем не хватит"

As you know, October 25, 2019 will be put into circulation thousand dollar bill. On the obverse of the banknote depicts a portrait of Vladimir Vernadsky, on the contrary — the building of the Presidium of the National Academy of Sciences.

The NBU said that the issue of new notes will be made in the amount of 5 million pieces, and further emissions will depend on the demand for this bill.

The entry into circulation of the new bill is scared of ordinary Ukrainians. In particular, people with suspected reacted to the initiative of the NBU and started to panic that the appearance of this scandalous bills will trigger price increases and further economic decline.

We will remind, Ukrainians in new ways will receive subsidies, will affect everyone: it’s a real revolution.

As reported Politeka, the dollar starts to decline, the hryvnia’s going for the record.

Also Politeka wrote that Zelensky has revealed what will happen to the IMF loans, Ukraine are waiting for major changes.