New law on pay equity recommended

deputee-ottawa-ouest-nepean-anitaA parliamentary committee recommends that the Liberal government to present “within 18 months” a project of proactive pay equity legislation, which would apply to employees under federal jurisdiction in the public and private sectors.

If the committee’s recommendations have been welcomed by the Alliance of the Public Service of Canada (PSAC), the Canadian Union of Postal Workers (CUPW) believes that “18 months is far too long.” The latter has claimed Tuesday that the Trudeau government immediately remedy the “wage discrimination” Canada Post key issue of the ongoing negotiations for the group of rural and suburban mail carriers. “Several witnesses in the committee’s report said that” justice delayed is justice denied. ” That is why we must seek justice for these workers now, “said the president of CUPW, Mike Palecek, in a statement.

During its work, the special committee chaired by Liberal MP Anita Vandenbeld has heard more than 50 witnesses. Among its 31 recommendations, the committee proposes to repeal the law on equity in public sector pay, adopted in 2010 by the former Conservative government. It also recommends the creation of a commission and a tribunal of pay equity, two separate entities, in which the government should provide clear authority, including the power to order compensation.

The PSAC has filed several pay equity complaints, welcomed the committee’s recommendations. The union complained that its members often have to wait several decades in causes for Pay Equity. members, who are now 80, is still have not received the money that they should, while others died before touching anything, recalled the PSAC President Robyn Benson, in his testimony before the special committee.

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