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stephan-roy-president-distribution-stereo(Trois-Rivieres) The company Stereo + change the overall supply of all its stores, but continues to build on a customer service quality to stand out more in the highly competitive market for electronic products while having the goal to add 25 stores by 2018.

New uncluttered picture in its stores, setting up a new website for online transactions as of the end of June, the team of this company trifluvienne comes with an improved offer. The goal is to win back young customers and to adapt to market realities.

“It’s time to reposition and realign the company towards a direction that will be prosperous and to date,” says Stephan Roy, President of Stereo + Distribution, which will restore the taste customers to enter a “for the experience” store.

The store Gene-H.-Kruger Boulevard is the first of 21 stores Stereo + to display the new decor achieved through an investment of approximately $ 100,000. Customers find a room for home theater and a room for audio equipment. A room reserved for home automation is also available, a sign that this technology is becoming more and more space in the electronic product market.

Stereo + also has a team specialized in automation. The mandate of the latter will support the stores that do not offer these products to enable their customers to access the same facilities as the other shops.

Stereo + The team intends to use this momentum to open 25 stores within the next 30 months. Of these, 18 will be Stereo + stores. Discussions have been undertaken on this subject and site locations have been identified in Quebec.

“Our expansion will be across Canada, says Daniel Lefebvre, vice president of business development. We must develop the Canadian market properly. ”

In addition to the current 21 stores Stereo +, the company has three stores and Stereo Plus Design and thirty stores electronic Zone. Some 60% of shops are located in Quebec, while Ontario and Western Canada each comprise 20% of shops.

New website
The popularity of online commerce encourages Stereo + to take this path. From June 30, some items will be sold for a break-in period ending in September, when all products will be available.

“E-commerce is important, but this is not our core business, analysis Roy. The average bill for online purchases (in electronics) is $ 300. At Stereo +, average invoice per purchase is about $ 1,500. But it must be there. ”

A warehouse is about to be laid at the head office in Trois-Rivières and will be used to transport products purchased on the web. A person will be assigned to this service and we hope to have two more medium term.

“We have done a complete overhaul of the website to provide easy shopping. And besides, it gives a lot of information about the products, “says Carl Alarie, director of marketing.

The company expects that sales from e-commerce account for 6-7% of its total revenues in a few years.

Baseball Stadium Stereo +: lips are sealed
Management of Stereo + refuses to confirm the arrival of the company as sponsor for naming the ballpark of Trois-Rivieres.

Met Monday afternoon the unveiling of the new corporate image of the company, Stephan Roy, President of Distribution Stereo + declined to comment on the case.

“I thought I saw it in the paper this morning (Monday). I know the Eagles a press conference Wednesday. I do not know what they will announce it. We’ll see.”

Mr. Roy has nonetheless said he received an invitation to the conference, without going further.

“I can not comment on the record now. We’ll see what happens. ”

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