New hard punch caught Poroshenko, escape will not work: the first details

Новый жесткий удар настиг Порошенко, сбежать не получится: первые подробности

Against former Ukrainian guarantor opened a new criminal case because of his possible negligence

About it reports a press-service of NABOO, transfer “Ukrainian news”.

“The detectives NAB has made to the Unified register of pre-judicial investigations on signs of the crime provided by part 1 of article 367 of the Criminal code”, — the document says.

It is argued that the case was opened on execution of decisions of the Supreme anti-corruption court, which ordered the NAB to investigate.

The document is dated 7 Oct.

Новый жесткий удар настиг Порошенко, сбежать не получится: первые подробности

As previously reported, a criminal case, which concerns abuse of power by people in the Administration Petro Poroshenko, was sent to NABOO. We are talking about abuses that have taken place in 2017, reported the press service of the Prosecutor General.

“According to investigators, officials of the National Agency for prevention of corruption, probably acting on the instructions of officials of the presidential Administration, in the course of 2017 took the decision on the absence of violations on the results of the special and full checks of declarations of persons authorized to perform state functions or local government, or of such checks at all.”

In criminal proceedings, which applies to this case, prosecutors determined the jurisdiction for the detectives NAB. The actions of the employees fall under part 1 of article 364 UK of Ukraine (abuse of power or official position).

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Earlier we wrote that as of 2017, the President of Ukraine was Petro Poroshenko, and his administration was headed by Igor rainin.

Earlier, we reported that the US denounced Poroshenko, ex-President of got game: “due to the money Ukrainians …”

“503 million was transferred through Svinarchuk in favor of Poroshenko,” — said at a press conference in Kiev, Sam Kislin, an American millionaire and Advisor to the President of the United States Donald trump.

Новый жесткий удар настиг Порошенко, сбежать не получится: первые подробности

We will remind, eks-the President of Poland gave advice Zelensky.

Also Рoliteka wrote, Zelenski advocated for the interests of investors.

As Рoliteka reported, Zelensky told in detail about the calls, trump.