New for cancellation Whispers walls

annee-derniere-interprete-murmures-murs(Quebec) Bad luck hounds Whispers walls at Carrefour international de théâtre: after being canceled last year due to injury his interpreter, that the three performances scheduled for next week will not take place either . This time, a strike in the transport sector in France Carrefour strength to renounce the show created by Victoria Thierree-Chaplin.

With decorations stuck at the port of Marseille and a growing uncertainty about the possibility of doing air travel, the organization of theater Carrefour had no choice but to resign themselves to see history repeat itself. Last year, the interpreter of Whispers walls, Aurélia Thiérrée, was injured in the first in the capital and other representations had been dropped from the calendar. The show was to be taken to The Bordered of 9 to 11 June

Ticket holders are invited to contact the box office of the International Theatre Carrefour (418 990-3953) for a refund or exchange. Six indoor shows are yet to come to the festival, which ends June 11

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