New “Dyatlov pass” takes the lives of the people sounded the alarm: “stripped naked and ate the earth”

Новый «перевал Дятлова» забирает жизни, люди забили тревогу: «раздевались догола и ели землю»

Sort of “Dyatlov pass” has been discovered in the Leningrad region (Russian Federation), where under mysterious circumstances, has already killed 20 people

We are talking about swamps in the forests of Tikhvin district around Shugozero, write about it in the material of Komsomolskaya Pravda.

It is noted that the peak of mysterious deaths in the marshes occurred in the period from 1990 to 2005. People found near a strange place the corpses. According to eyewitnesses, people were stripped naked and ate the ground, and soon went out of life. One of the most memorable deaths was the death of a young tractor driver who went missing near a swamp.

Новый «перевал Дятлова» забирает жизни, люди забили тревогу: «раздевались догола и ели землю»

“He went and stupidly threw all jacket lying in one place overalls in the other. And he was lying in the gutter. It feels like he bathed in mud. When opened the body, he saw a stomach full of dirt. No one could not understand why he ate it”, – told in the local police station.

The rest of the tragic cases took place in the same scenario, but locals say that over the past 15 years, the victim never undressed, and just died near the swamps.

Новый «перевал Дятлова» забирает жизни, люди забили тревогу: «раздевались догола и ели землю»

Putin decided to “change” the Ukraine situation is heating up: a new threat revealed plan

Note, this place is not accidentally called “Leningrad Dyatlov pass” as a story about a camping trip in 1959 had a number of similar characteristics, which to this day remain a mystery. In particular, of the body group was found in the mountains without clothing and shoes.

Новый «перевал Дятлова» забирает жизни, люди забили тревогу: «раздевались догола и ели землю»

Also earlier it was reported that surfaced scandalous nuance in the case of the death of tourists on the Dyatlov pass. As it turned out, in 2016, accidentally became aware of the recognition one of the locals in a brutal massacre of tourists.

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Then in the North of the Sverdlovsk region of Russia there was a kind of criminal history with the use of a hunting rifle. Law enforcement officers questioned of old master criminal “trunk” pensioner Anatoly Stepochkin from Verkhoturye.

It later emerged that the pensioner Stepochkin back in 1981 I traded them for a hunter rifle, which is called the local hunt.

The process of exchange took place after a long friendly conversation with the drinking of vodka. And that night the hunter told what happened to a group of tourists led by Igor Dyatlov.

Recall that the Swedes called the cause of death group djatlova

As reported Politeka, in the case of the tragedy of the Dyatlov group finally ended it.

Also Politeka wrote that published horrible pictures of the victims of the Dyatlov pass.