New direction for the hostel under my roof

marie-eve-theberge(Granby) A new face at the head of the hostel under my roof. Marie-Eve ​​Theberge came into post in the last days as CEO of Granby body. After working nearly 10 years, she succeeds Derek Tremblay.

Ms. Théberge was coordinator for accommodation until the board decides to trust him as the new CEO.

“When the outgoing director announced his departure, he came to see me to tell me that it’s been years that shaped me to be over, to ask me if I was ready for the challenge. He offered my candidacy ca has the last word. The president contacted me, told me that the AC was ready to trust me. For me it’s a great pride, a great achievement. I take it as a big challenge, but I see it very positively. ”

She gives herself six months to be comfortable in his new role. It has in particular an understanding of the issues she does not already know.

One speaker was promoted to coordinator to accommodation, so a intervenor position was open. In this one adds a post bookkeeper since it was Mr. Tremblay that provided accounting when posted.

Ms. Théberge wants to sit with the board in August to discuss the direction that choose to take the organization working in offering hosting services, assistance and social reintegration for relationships men 18-35.

“For sure, when there is a change of direction, there is a change in vision. It will be to consolidate what we want to align with the AC ”

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