New death in a “cursed” hotel: the details of the tragedy

Новая смерть в «проклятом» отеле: подробности трагедии

In the legendary unfinished abandoned hotel there was a deadly tragedy

In Saint-Petersburg have already become mystical unfinished. This building is a five-star hotel “Northern crown”.

His “cursed” the glory of the building was more than 20 years ago, when there was held a festive Banquet with the participation of the first persons North of Palmyra. Suddenly during the feast died Metropolitan of St. Petersburg and Ladoga John. According to doctors he had a heart attack, according to telegrams channel LIFE SHOT.

Новая смерть в «проклятом» отеле: подробности трагедии

After that, the hotel was called “cursed”. To finish it and could not.

Away to almost nothing over the decades left, so the authorities decided to dismantle the unfinished building. The tragedy happened when the facility working.

Quite unexpectedly, the construction crane bent and fell down. Huge engine fell on the man. The man died.

It is reported that the St. Petersburg “Northern crown” has started to build in 1988. It took the Yugoslav firm. Was supposed to build a hotel five stars on 247 rooms with a total area of about 50,000 square meters. Construction stopped in 1995, and the hotel was almost ready for 90%.

Новая смерть в «проклятом» отеле: подробности трагедии

Later, the Commission confirmed the need for the demolition, finding a number of errors of construction and degraded load-bearing structures. Hundreds of Deluxe rooms, several luxury restaurants and bars, a swimming pool and luxurious hall never once not met their guests.

Новая смерть в «проклятом» отеле: подробности трагедии

As we wrote earlier, the father of world champion MMA Magomed, Unusula was severely beaten in a Moscow suburb. He died the doctors were powerless. Criminals were police.

Новая смерть в «проклятом» отеле: подробности трагедии

“The officers Dmitry Blinov, Pavel Popov and Oleg Shishkanov was on the evening of Orekhovo-Zuev — in the street Gagarin saw 46-year-old Sully. Nothing better to do, they stuck to the man joked about her appearance and tried to detain”, – stated in the message telegrams-channel Mash.

Новая смерть в «проклятом» отеле: подробности трагедии

It is known that the father of the champion ran to the pharmacy, asked to call the police, but the offenders went after him — said that themselves from the police and help: “To Unusula again dug his arrest while trying to very, very badly beaten”.

Now Russian Mvdshnikov opened a criminal case for intentional infliction of grievous bodily harm and abuse of authority.

It is also known that the doctors had nothing to do with the dislocation and swelling of the brain due to the beating: “46-year-old athlete’s father Magomed, Unusula died in hospital”, — said in the message.

We will remind, has left the life of “the fastest woman in the world.”

As reported Politeka, stopped the heart of a legendary artist: “Gone, like a real Cossack.”

Also Politeka wrote that tragically took the life of the famous Ukrainian doctor, who saved hundreds of lives.