New CEO at CCHYR Derek Tremblay entered

derek-tremblay-nouveau-directeur-general(Granby) On the occasion of its Annual General Meeting (AGM) on Tuesday, the Haute-Yamaska ​​Region Chamber of Commerce presented its new CEO, Derek Tremblay. He was general manager of the Under My Roof Inn Granby during the last ten years wants to expand the business network of the Chamber of Commerce.

Derek Tremblay finds himself at the heart of the organization’s activities while he barely had time to settle in the new premises of the Chamber of Commerce Robinson Street in Granby. “I did not even office yet!” He joked.

His priority in the coming months will be to learn about current issues and plan of action has been determined during the meeting. “Then it will be on the board to give me a clear mandate for the year,” says the new CEO.

The coming of Derek Tremblay just fill a position that had been vacant for a year due to financial difficulties. It is the volunteer directors of the organization assured the Acting Executive Director. “At arm’s length,” says the outgoing president of the Chamber of Commerce, Sylvain Perron.

Expand the network

Derek Tremblay uses the example of Mylène Paquette, who crossed the Atlantic by rowing to illustrate his vision. “She was physically only rowing, but she had close contacts. When needed, they were there. Me, it’s a bit the same principle, “says he.

Derek Smith knows well surrounded, and he hopes to build on this strength to expand the professional network of the Chamber of Commerce. He is particularly interested to develop business relations with Granby Industrial, Trade and Tourism and Granby area and the Community Development Corporation of Haute-Yamaska.

The Chamber of Commerce supports the new CEO, has relied heavily on 5-7 networking during the past year. “But it’s much more than that!” He says, having previously served on the AC of the House and a member of two committees. Since it is a member of the Order of Chartered Administrators of Quebec, Derek Tremblay desired to weld the links that already exist between the two organizations.

The CEO position is accompanied by a presence on three committees Derek Tremlay. “Right now,” he says, since he wants to create new ones. Provide more services to members and position itself more on the political spectrum are also part of its objectives.

The non-commercial

By becoming the new CEO of the Chamber of Commerce, Derek Tremblay gives way to the Auberge Sous Mon Toit. He will now have to adapt to the reality of the business, pursuing a profit.

“I think the challenge is to find the balance between the two. Because as NPOs need companies that businesses need NPO, “he summarizes.

The board of Auberge Sous Mon Toit has meanwhile meet on June 20 to discuss the position of senior management to fill.

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