New catastrophe shocked the Crimea: five cars crashed in a fatal accident, there were photos

Новая катастрофа потрясла Крым: пять авто разбились в смертельном ДТП, появилось фото

The tragedy occurred on the highway in the Crimea, there are victims

Near Belogorsk 5 October, on the track “Tavrida” in the Crimea there was a terrible accident. According to eyewitnesses, was confronted two trucks and a passenger car Skoda Octavia, Ford Focus and KIA.

This was reported the social network. As noted, the truck driver was moving in the direction of Kerch, however, for unknown reasons, drove into the oncoming lane. As a result, faced two trucks and cars. In addition to the dead, several people injured.

It is noted that injured the drivers of other cars, and one of them was hospitalized. The culprit of the accident died.

Новая катастрофа потрясла Крым: пять авто разбились в смертельном ДТП, появилось фото

It should be noted that October 4 is also on the track “Tavrida” in the village Rusakivka Belogorsky district has faced truck “Renault Magnum”, “Gazelle” and the car “Chevrolet”.

It is known that the driver of the first car drove into the oncoming lane, and there was a collision with other cars.

As a result of the accident killed the drivers of cars “Opel” and “Chevrolet” and also suffered two passenger cars and “Gazelle”, they were taken to the hospital. The exact cause and circumstance of the tragedy investigators establish.

Recall, October 5, in Kazakhstan bus has overturned 18-TEW students and nine parents. In the hospital brought 16 children and three adults. After the inspection was hospitalized two students.

According to the driver, he clipped unknown, so he walked away from the collision, and the bus fell on its side.

However, according to preliminary data, the driver of the bus broke traffic rules and crashed into the car.

Новая катастрофа потрясла Крым: пять авто разбились в смертельном ДТП, появилось фото

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We have previously reported that in the Poltava region on the road “Onyshky-Mayakovka” the accident occurred.

On the highway collided with four cars: “VAZ-2101”, “Hyundai”, “Opel Vectra” and “Opel Ascona”. As a result, the driver of the first car was killed and the passenger of “Hyundai”, 1955, was taken to the hospital Orzhytskyi.

Also we will remind that in the Nikolaev region in an accident involving a minibus killed people.

The driver of “VAZ-2105” has faced the car “Volkswagen” and truck “DAF”. The collision killed the passenger of the first car. The driver of the Volkswagen was not injured. There were doctors from several ambulances.

We will remind, the child was in the midst of a state of emergency near the bus stop in Krivoy Rog

And Politeka wrote that the fatal accident happened in the river

Also Politeka reported that the car made a terrible accident in the river