New “cargo 200” will go to Russia, eliminated the controversial “Jeweler”: photos of the fighter

Новый "груз 200" отправится в Россию, ликвидирован скандальный "Ювелир": фото боевика

In the network appeared another photo of the militants in the Donbass, who joined “team 200”

So, eliminated the Thriller Constantine Karagaev nicknamed “the Jeweler”. About this on his Twitter page, according to blogger under the name Necro Mancer.

The report said that Putin’s mercenary was born on 12 January 1975. He hails from the city of Novorossiysk in Russia. Eliminated the action of illegal armed groups on 10 September this year, the circumstances of his death require clarification.

Новый "груз 200" отправится в Россию, ликвидирован скандальный "Ювелир": фото боевика Новый "груз 200" отправится в Россию, ликвидирован скандальный "Ювелир": фото боевика

According to the website of the center “Peacemaker”, he lived in Russia in the Krasnoyarsk territory, the city of Anapa.

Новый "груз 200" отправится в Россию, ликвидирован скандальный "Ювелир": фото боевика

Earlier it was reported that the APU has had a devastating impact on the lair of the Russian occupation troops “L’s republics” in the Donbass.

Recently it was reported that the occupants suffered huge losses at the forefront in the result of a crushing blow APU. Then the people’s Deputy Yury Mysyagin wrote that the forces of the OOS managed to eliminate three of the occupants, four more were wounded. Later in a network there were new details of successful special operation in the Donbas APU. It is noted that the impact was so powerful that the command of the Russian occupation forces “L/DNR” is trying to understate the official loss.

Moreover, the network published a video which depicted a fatal blow APU on positions of the terrorist units in the area occupied Gorlovka.

Znesennya okupantu pid Gorlivka

4 of September it became known that about segebel click rosiyskih okupantu in rayon kupowane Gorlivka. Two sahibli patogiu the enemy. Mova yde about the Eduard Ivanova-“the Dyukhoy” that Bogdan Centurion-“Coyote.” For the fossil npharmacy Voros vtrati Buli blimi, ale rosiyski ocupaci Seeley progout realm Dan. On video — the moment sagebiel kremlivska neimans scho Stasia for divnich obstavin nepodal kupowane Gorlivka. If considered paranena, in PDSMU from the ranks visov one powinni Ptotal the gate.Swert pay attention — ukryta enemy restalaan in pomenutih civilnim the adobes. Tranche maintained mizh budulaj. Same there occupiers lived oblastlevel sobi posits.

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Posted by 4.5.0 UA on Saturday, September 7, 2019

“Two confirmed dead opponent. We are talking about Eduard Ivanov “the Dyukhoy” Bogdan and the Centurion “Coyote”. According to available information hostile losses were great, but the Russian occupation forces to hide the real data. On video the moment of death the Kremlin mercenaries, occurred under mysterious circumstances near the occupied Horlivka. Considering the wounded, then eventually broke down one full division of the enemy”, – stated in the message, which was published in Facebook.

It is also noted that the Pro-Russian terrorists have built their shelter in the abandoned homes of the people, and between the houses to the trenches – so the militants controlled by the Kremlin, have arranged their positions.

Recall thugs “DNR” prepare attack on Kiev, scandalous details.

As reported Politeka, the Ukrainian army is preparing for a big reduction, known cause.

Also Politeka wrote that the fate of the Crimea and the Donbass, a new statement was striking: “no other way”.