New boyfriend beat Hayden panettiere, “Klitschko will not defend” details

Новый бойфренд избил Хайден Панеттьери, "Кличко больше не защитит": подробности

Former Vitali Klitschko Hayden panettiere was the victim of a beating from the hands of her current boyfriend, actor Brian Hickerson

It is reported that the evening of may 2, the pair came to one of the bars in the US, but at two in the morning in place came the police, as the young man began to behave aggressively towards panettiere, and after witnesses noticed the girl signs of violence, according to TMZ.

“Hayden thinks that Kaya is not worth it to live with it – it’s not good for the baby. This is all very sad,” said the source.

Новый бойфренд избил Хайден Панеттьери, "Кличко больше не защитит": подробности

It is known that the police took violent actor, but the next day he was released on bail of 50 thousand dollars. The insider said, did the incident on the relationship of the star couple.

However, we know that Hickerson often goes out of itself under the influence of alcohol, which even has suspicions that Vitali Klitschko took daughter Kaya to yourself to live, fearing of physical abuse by new boyfriend Hayden.

Earlier it was reported that American actress and the former wife of the brother of the mayor of Kiev Vladimir Klitschko Hayden panettiere lit up the tabloids in the US after the public noticed the incredible transformation of the celebrity. So, a fresh photo of the actress clearly shows that she got rid of a few extra pounds and inexpressibly glad.

In response to the publication of photographs, English-speaking fans began to fill Hayden compliments and questions about his personal life:

Новый бойфренд избил Хайден Панеттьери, "Кличко больше не защитит": подробности

“Dreamy sweet and sexy lady”, “I Swear to God, you’re beautiful, beautiful, beautiful, beautiful, beautiful, you’re cute in the dark”, “So very sexy, beautiful and elegant, hair, eyes, smile, outfit!”, “Yeah, well you look like a middle school girl”, “Hayden, are you still going out with Wladimir Klitschko?”, “Stay strong and live free”, “You’re really beautiful”.

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