Neuroscientists: the ability to forget is a sign of unconventional mind

You have always believed that a person with an excellent memory is simply obliged to be clever? Sorry to disappoint you, but no.

Нейробіологи: властивість забувати– це ознака неординарного розуму

When you forget something, this may make you feel a bit silly. This is quite understandable. Let’s say you came into the store. Heading to one of the departments, you suddenly forget why there are. The same can be said about a situation when you suddenly completely forget why they came in or another room in your own home. Quite possibly, you are wondering about why this happens. However, the reasons for panic.

What’s the matter?

Franklin and Blake Richards, scientists from the University of Toronto, in his study came to one very interesting conclusion, informs Rus.Media.

Researchers say that our brain gradually erases old memories and uses the vacated space to a new one. That is why it is difficult for us to exactly reproduce in memory the event that happened with us a very long time. However, completely forget about it we can’t either.

According to research by Franklin Richards, a good memory does not mean that the person has a high level of intelligence. In truth, much more useful for us to remember the overall picture of events, and forget all the minor details.

“Our brain does not have to be loaded different kinds of things that are of no particular importance. He needs to remember those things that will help us to make the right decision in a given situation,” – said Richards in an interview with CNN.

What part of the brain stores information?

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In the limbic system of our brain there is a section called the hippocampus. The challenge is to keep the memories in our long term memory. In the process of recording memories and he gets rid of all unimportant details of an event. In the end, we remember that can really benefit us in the future. Focusing on what really matters, we become able to make the most rational decisions. Thus, spending a minimum of effort.

Our brain erases old memories and writes to a seat of a new, more important, because if it gets overloaded, you won’t be able to make the right decisions.

In particular, the brain will be difficult to select the best solution from the set of available alternatives.

From the point of view of evolution, it is understandable why early people needed a great memory. They had to memorize a lot of things, because their goal was survival. The brain actively developed in order to provide them with a great memory. In the modern world, all a little different. Technological progress has questioned the need superpamjat.

However, if you are having significant memory lapses, or you frequently forget important information, it is definitely a cause for concern. You may need expert advice. If you forget some minor details, that’s fine. Your brain is working as it should.

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