Network of the University of Quebec: the rectors “grossly underpaid”

recteur-uqam-43-000-etudiantsThe subject is taboo, but Lise Bissonnette says bluntly: “The rectors of the network of the University of Quebec are grossly underpaid.” He UQAM wins twice less than its counterpart from Concordia University. And $ 100,000 less than his colleague of Bishop’s, although UQAM receives almost 20 times more students. But these “pretty unbearable distortions” are a symptom of a deeper problem according to the president of the board of UQAM: the existence of two university systems in Quebec. The government must remedy once and for all, said Ms. Bissonnette in a rare interview background from a university administrator.


“When determining the compensation of presidents, there really is a double standard measures, and that’s obvious,” says Lise Bissonnette. For the 10 institutions in the network of the University of Quebec and its headquarters, the salary of rectors is set by the government with the adoption of a decree of the Council of Ministers. “If I wanted to increase my salary rector of $ 1, I could not, it would be forbidden,” she has shown. But in the case of chartered universities (Montreal, Concordia and McGill, for example), it is the board that determines compensation. Thus, the rector of UQAM (43 000 students), Robert Proulx, earns $ 197,000, against $ 297,000 for his counterpart in Bishop’s (2300 students) and $ 439,000 for the one of Concordia (46,000 students), considered as its English counterpart.


For Lise Bissonnette, the following tables show that the compensation of presidents “does not add up.” The top ranking is largely dominated by the chartered universities. “There is such an imbalance that must be corrected,” she said. “It does not mean that I want the UQAM rector wins a fortune […]. But there’s something quite abnormal “with the current rules. The rectors of the UQ network are not entitled to benefits, unlike their counterparts in chartered universities. They are, however, reimburse expenses. Robert Proulx, “it’s me who signs his expense accounts, and I can tell you it’s ridiculous,” noted Ms. Bissonnette.


CONCORDIA: $ 439,385
MONTREAL: $ 418,018
MCGILL: $ 404,129
LAVAL: $ 328,367
SHERBROOKE: $ 300,239
BISHOP’S: $ 297,113
HEC: $ 284,114
POLYTECHNIC: $ 260,822
ETS: $ 210,237
UQ (HEAD OFFICE): $ 207,857
INRS: $ 204,396
UQAM 197 $ 275
UQTR 191 $ 820
UQAC 191 $ 225
UQAR: $ 176,987
UQO: $ 174,523
TELUQ: $ 167,060
ENAP: $ 166,678
UQAT: $ 165,642

MCGILL: $ 48,361
INRS: $ 42,067
CONCORDIA: $ 40,231
ENAP: $ 34,129
HEC: $ 33,822
UQAC: $ ​​32,473
TELUQ 28 $ 426
UQ (HEAD OFFICE): $ 16,064
UQAR: $ 14 435
UQO: $ 13,777
ETS: $ 13,495
LAVAL: $ 11 840
UQAM: $ 9,808
BISHOP’S: $ 9,371
UQAT: $ 3,184
UQTR: $ 2,926
MONTREAL: $ 2,382
SOURCE: Data are from the processing states senior management personnel for 2014-2015, submitted by each university to the Ministry.


How the government determines the salary of the rector of an institution network of the University of Quebec? It is rather simple: the rectors are integrated into the salary scale of Assistant Deputy Ministers of the Government. “That’s extraordinary! “Launched Lise Bissonnette. The reasoning behind this decision remains a mystery. But this is what partly explains the “unfairness” with the network of universities chartered by it. You should also add to this rule an internal policy of the University of Quebec, which meant that the remuneration varies from one institution to another. “This policy, I feel like the challenge, too,” she blurted. It is “pretty amazing” that the salary is higher at the headquarters of the University of Quebec at UQAM. Another finding: the Rector of UQAT, bringing up the rear in terms of remuneration, has a slightly higher salary than a teacher in the same institution at the top of its range ($ 163,000 versus $ 143,000).


In an interview with La Presse earlier this week, the Minister of Higher Education, Hélène David, announced its intention to set standards regarding the remuneration of senior executives of universities. “It does not scare me. It is already fully normalized! “Responded Ms. Bissonnette. Hélène David recently met all the board chairs of the universities – a first from a minister, confirmed the president of UQAM. Ms. David was then hope that the presidents agree among themselves on common rules on compensation of presidents. “But it is very difficult, almost impossible” as the divergent positions between the chartered universities and those of UQ, argued Ms. Bissonnette. According to her, coaching future must be “the same for everyone.” She does not believe the argument of board chairs of university charter that “if we do not pay much rectors in English Canada, we will have difficulty attracting people.” “I have a different pattern, the one to say that the ecosystem in which it is, is that of Quebec, and that is Quebec that is deficient. ”


“Disability” of the Quebec system goes far beyond compensation rectors, believes Lise Bissonnette. “The substance of the matter is the need for a framework law on universities. There are several laws governing the pieces of our business, but no framework law. That’s what’s missing and that’s what we called in a report, “in 2013, she argued. She co-chaired a working group with John Porter – then president of the Laval University board, a charter school. Their report entitled Preserving the foundation, institute refoundings gathering dust on the shelves of the Ministry of Education. But Lise Bissonnette persists and signs: “It is not normal that universities have access to the same public funds do not operate under the same rules. We must end this idea that there are two university systems. All public universities are in my eyes the extent their budget comes mainly from the Quebec government, whether founded by the Church in the 19th century or whether created by the Quebec government in 1969 as this is the case for the University of Quebec. ”



Canada: $ 326,118

This is the average salary and benefits in 60 of the 97 Canadian universities in 2012, according to the Almanac of the Canadian Association of University Teachers. Only two universities (McGill and Sherbrooke) are part of the calculation. We can conclude that four Quebec university presidents are above the Canadian average. The University of Calgary is ranked the head ($ 557,000), one of Hearst, one only francophone institution in Ontario, is last ($ 105,000).


University of Calgary (Alberta): $ 557,000
University of Alberta: $ 529,000
University of Western Ontario: $ 521,000
University of Guelph (Ontario): $ 491,000
York University (Ontario): $ 486,000
Ryerson University (Ontario): $ 464,000
Nipissing University (Ontario): $ 463,000
Memorial University of Newfoundland: $ 460,000
University of Toronto (Ontario): $ 441,000
University of British Columbia: $ 438,000

USA: $ 428,000 on average
France: 91 000-221 598 $
Germany: between 185,000 and $ 195,000
Ukraine 500-2000 $
Source: Chronicle of Higher Education, 2014

Source: AEF Group agency specialized information, 2014

Source: AEF; it is the salary that is found in the state’s most populous (North Rhine-Westphalia), 2014

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