Nest-holes: the season a month ahead

nids-poule-fait-leur-apparition(Granby) She returns every spring. Impossible to escape: the season of potholes full swing for the past two weeks and a step ahead of the last years.

“We have teams clog the holes round the clock, since the big cold winter we have dropped it two weeks ago,” noted Friday superintendent roads in public works in the city of Granby, Daniel Deshaies.

Feature this year: chicken-de-nests have appeared at least a month in advance, he said. “Last year at this time it, we were still in the large winter with the cold and snow. This year, it is easily a faster month. There is no snow cover. We quickly fell in thaw. And damaged streets emerged a little more damaged than the previous year, “noted Mr. Deshaies.

According to the Superintendent to the road, three teams are currently at work during the day. But at night, that number jumps to five. At any time of the day, one or two mobile teams are based to plug the major holes that could be reported by the police.

successful operation

Each year the proliferation of potholes is surprising. Granby But the situation is not worse than in previous years, says Daniel Deshaies. Mechanized patching operations carried out during the last two years have borne fruit, he said. This technique aims to seal the floor with the application of a thin layer of asphalt to slow down the formation of holes and cracks. “This is the short term, but it is a helping method for us,” said Daniel Deshaies.

If a portion of the 11th and Laval Street, near the primary school St. Eugene, as the section of the Evangeline Street, near St. Jude Street South are among the bumpy areas to watch this year , street names Le Corbusier, Denison West, Principal and Simonds were also cited in the last few years. “All those streets are free of holes with mechanized patching that was done,” adds Mr. Deshaies.

“I had not hoped to have as many results. We will continue along the same lines this year. Must admit that to seal the entire pavement slows degradation, “said for his part the Mayor Pascal Bonin.

Approximately $ 750,000 is provided to the City’s budget for mechanized patching this summer. To this amount, add $ 1 million for the structural rehabilitation of pavement work. The rehabilitation and widening of the Saint-Hubert Street North are also on the agenda 2016. It is planned to complete the work, estimated at $ 3.3 million, from the David-Bouchard Boulevard to school primary Joseph-Poitevin.

The mayor also stressed that the major repair work could be accelerated if the sum of $ 1.8 billion “who sleep in two years” as part of a Canada-Quebec agreement is unlocked.

Few complaints

Year after year, very few complaints are lodged with the City of Granby for damages to cars after driving into a pothole, according to Director of Legal Services for the City, Catherine Bouchard. In recent years, only five complaints were filed to that effect.

Since 1993, the government and the cities are not liable for damages caused to tires and car suspension system due to the road conditions. If a motorist wanted to still pursue a municipality, he better show up quickly (within 15 days of the accident) and to prepare well, because the burden of proof is on him.

Otherwise, some basic guidelines apply in this season of nest-holes. CAA Quebec recommends adapting his conduct to the presence of holes in the floor. It is therefore advisable not to brake in a pothole. “A locked wheel always suffer more damage than a moving wheel,” argues the automobile club said on their website. Also, tires should be properly inflated to reduce the risk of damage.

The pot-hen operation was in full swing yesterday Dorchester Street in Granby. – Photo janick marois

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