Nehuda : accused of violence with Ricardo, she delivers her version of the facts and complaint – Here

At the heart of a case of violence in which the couple’s reality show, is accused of hitting two young women, Nehuda out of the silence, and delivered his version of the facts.

In the beginning of the week, Nehuda and Ricardo were involved in a case of violence. The facts allegedly took place in the evening of October 31. The couple’s reality show, now in Avignon to celebrate Halloween, would have been taken physically to two young women who took a picture in a bar in the city : “Nehuda he grabbed me by the face, causing me to lose a lens, I trace in the eye, and then Ricardo took care of the rest “, stated one of the complainants sustained by one of the servers, a witness to the altercation.

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In the columns of the magazine Public, Nehuda defended on this story to the “aspect ratio implausible” : “Ricardo and I have been asked to do some photos with them. We kindly bent to their requests. But throughout the evening, they have stopped us filming, ” she explained. Then a friend intervened to ask the girls to stop the photos, the tone is mounted ” : “[Laurie] has given me a kick. I simply pushed back, my hand on his face, but there was no beating or slapping “.

The couple of Angels 8 has chosen to bring this matter to justice : “there is really too much slander on Ricardo and me, and we have to stop this,” says Nehuda. We have filed a complaint for false accusations. […] We are not the monsters that these young girls describe “.

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