Negotiations Zelensky and Putin reveals behind the scenes details, the Ukrainians should know this

Переговоры Зеленского и Путина: раскрыты закулисные подробности, украинцы должны это знать

Reveals behind the scenes details of the negotiations of President Vladimir Zelensky and the head of the aggressor, Vladimir Putin

Details in an interview to Ukrainian truth, said the assistant of the President of Ukraine Andriy Yermak, who led a working group devoted to the exchange of prisoners.

According to Ermak, Putin spoke on equal terms with Zelensky.

“During the time that I see, and I come in many negotiations, the position of our President, the attitude, his ability to negotiate, does not provide to someone who acted rude. It was an equal conversation between the two presidents,” said Yermak.

Переговоры Зеленского и Путина: раскрыты закулисные подробности, украинцы должны это знать

According to him, during the negotiations, neither the Ukrainian nor the Russian President did not raise his voice.

“I think that if it were not for a constructive dialogue between the presidents, would not have happened the release (of prisoners-ed.) — added Ermak.

We will remind, presidents of Russia and Ukraine have held several telephone conversations. In particular, Vladimir Zelensky, called Vladimir Putin after the exchange of prisoners between Ukraine and Russia on 7 September.

“The parties stressed that pleased with the result of the implementation of agreements in the framework of the first stage on the way to the normalization of the dialogue. Also, the two presidents agreed in the near future to discuss the date of holding the meeting in the Normandy format,” — said the Office of the President in Facebook.

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September 7, in the exchange of detained persons from Russia returned to Ukraine 24 Ukrainian prisoners of war sailor and 11 political prisoners: Roman Sushchenko, Oleg Sentsov, Alexander Kolchenko, Mr Baluch, Stanislav Klyh, Nikolai Karpyuk, Alexey Sisonovich, Paul Mushroom, Eden Bekirov, Eugene gentry, Arthur gentry.

Переговоры Зеленского и Путина: раскрыты закулисные подробности, украинцы должны это знать

President Vladimir Zelensky has announced the second phase of the prisoner exchange. According rossm, in Minsk, the representatives of the Trilateral contact group will discuss the prospect of an exchange of prisoners between Kiev and ORDO in the format of “all installed all installed”. We are talking about the format “200 70”.

Recall date called fatal for Putin.

We also wrote that Zelensky will change the lives of Ukrainians one signature.

As reported Politeka, Zelensky made the fateful law and have amassed a lot of problems.