Negotiations Zelensky and Putin: a strong statement from the United States, the details

Переговоры Зеленского и Путина: появилось резкое заявление со стороны США, подробности

The willingness of the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky for talks with Russian President Vladimir Putin inspires

So says charge d’affaires of the USA in Ukraine William Taylor, the publication “European truth”.

On the question of whether the Ukraine is to stop the war, the diplomat replied: “No. The only one who can do it – Vladimir Putin. But what is important, and that is fine – the fact that in crucial times, the President Zelensky twice pick up the phone and called Putin to discuss the incidents”.

Taylor also added: “so now there is the possibility that the presidents of Ukraine and Russia discussed the question of Donbass, Black sea, Kerch Strait. Ukrainians and Russians are now in principle able to talk about it, and for me it is inspiring news.”

Переговоры Зеленского и Путина: появилось резкое заявление со стороны США, подробности

Recall, August 7, at the initiative of Kyiv was held a telephone conversation Putin and Zelensky. The reason for the call was the death of the Ukrainian military in the shelling on 6 August. According to Zelensky, he asked Russian President “to affect the other side of the conflict.”

Переговоры Зеленского и Путина: появилось резкое заявление со стороны США, подробности

Earlier in the Kremlin has told, how Vladimir Putin is President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky. The corresponding statement during a conversation with journalists on August 13 made the press Secretary of Russian President Dmitry Peskov. Peskov said that Putin stands for a dialogue with Kiev, and also answered the question about the prospects of a personal meeting of the President of the Russian Federation with Zelensky.

“In itself, the conversation between the two heads of state, of course, it is a fact that can only be assessed positively. President Putin is always a supporter of dialogue to solve pressing problems, especially in neglected situations such as the Russian-Ukrainian relations…Putin is a very pragmatic interlocutor, for him the main thing — not the conversation itself, and the implementation of those understandings and agreements, which were reached before and during each conversation,” — said Peskov.

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