“Need to return”: the Zelensky was struck by a statement on the Crimea and the Donbass, called fateful date

«Нужно вернуть»: у Зеленского поразили заявлением о Крыме и Донбассе, названа судьбоносная дата

In a team of Vladimir Zelensky has told about how will be developed the plan for the return of the Crimea and occupied territories of Donbass in the Ukraine

Working group of the Commission on issues of legal reform will shape the priorities for the development of the legal basis of reintegration of the occupied territories. This was stated by Deputy head of the Office of the President of Ukraine Ruslan riaboshapka.

According to him, the first part of the President’s initiatives will be developed by 2020. Ryaboshapka noted that the working group on reintegration of the temporarily occupied territories formed mainly of representatives of public organizations, and will take into account international practice.

«Нужно вернуть»: у Зеленского поразили заявлением о Крыме и Донбассе, названа судьбоносная дата

“Temporarily occupied territory of Donbass and Crimea is not just the land that we need to return. Ukrainians, who on it live, with whom we need to establish a life together after five years of gap, 1.4 million internally displaced persons, many of whom, quite likely, decide to return to their often damaged homes, and many of the problems associated with temporary occupation of our land,” wrote Ryaboshapka in his Facebook.

He said that to restore peace in the occupied territories will be created, the concept of transitional justice, implement the norms and principles of international humanitarian and international criminal law.

“In addition, one of our priorities is to finally ratify the Rome Statute of the International criminal court, signed nearly 20 years ago,” he concluded.

«Нужно вернуть»: у Зеленского поразили заявлением о Крыме и Донбассе, названа судьбоносная дата

Earlier, we wrote about the fact that the occupied territories of Donbas and Crimea will not return to the Ukraine.

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This opinion was expressed by Ukrainian science fiction writer and blogger Ian Jacks.

“I will say unpleasant, but the obvious thing for me. In principle, we can restrict ourselves to four words. Donbass — all. Crimea — all.”,- he writes.

Jacks also believes that five years ago it was quite obvious that for some years the occupation in the territories of the older generation for whom we are the enemy, Ukraine is the aggressor, etc.

We will remind, the leader “DNR” leaked Putin, a sensational video appeared on the network.

As reported Politeka behind Zelensky made a demarche, the President immediately retaliated.

Also Politeka wrote that Putin has ignored the agreements with Zelensky: “Kill as much as necessary”.